BLUE your mind.

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Life has been SO HECTIC. I don't even remember how my life used to be before this semester anymore. As I have 2 compulsory Commerce subjects and 2 compulsory Engineering subjects (that makes it 4 core subjects ohmaigoodness), life has really been different.

For one, my eyes have been opened to how amazingly nice Australians in Science are and I'm specifically saying Science because I'm in Commerce and in no way can the people in Commerce compare to the people in Science. Science people are just so nice to me, and always offering to help.

All the weekly Engineering assignments were fine with me at the start of the semester, UNTIL WE MOVED INTO THE PROGRAMMING MODULE. Can someone explain to me why on Earth people write these things ? Ok wait, I know how to answer that. Programming is the basis to almost every technology. BUT WHY AND HOW IN THE WORLD DO PEOPLE THINK OF THESE THINGS ? I mean honestly, if I wanted to calculate an area of a room, I would do it in my head. I don't really have to write a function to do that. Our final assessment is to write a basic shooting game code. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD SOMEONE DO THAT ???? Usually if I don't understand something that I know would be on the exam, I would memorize it, or go online and read about it but uh memorize and read codes ? I am in a men's course.

End of study rant. 

Last year I had to postpone an exam to go for camp, but this week I am so glad to be free the whole weekend. Looking back at my life since last year's camp, I can really say that God has changed the way I think of life, the way I think about myself, and my entire life in general. 
This year I am believing for more and I am just extremely excited to what God has in store for me at camp. It is gonna be so fun even though we're not gonna stay over this year.

419299_10151091990493250_893343009_n copy
Met this beautiful girl at camp last year and I am amazed how we got so much closer over the year.

Like I'm not even kidding, we're the cool kids.

563496_10151709262788250_1563160684_n copy
Even my hair dryer thinks so ok. 
Its quite a coincidence that my nails are painted blue without Planetuni camp in mind. This morning I woke up and just had this amazing feeling that I've made a great discovery.
I know you've read me say that on like every social media platform but whatever, I am still kinda amazed that there is a blue button on my hair dryer that says 'cool'.

Actually I am really really sleepy right now so I am really just blabbering nonsense. But you're still reading up till this point, so it must mean I'm saying something right, right ?
Anyway, I don't deserve to be called a blogger man.
I promise better posts in two weeks time, when I actually have my mid sem break.

I will be selling some apparels on my blog as well so don't forget to check it out then ! 

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