Things I've discovered this weekend.

by - 9:59:00 PM

This weekend, as I am rushing to meet assignment due dates, I have discovered some pretty interesting things.

I have weekly Linear Algebra assignments due every Monday, which I have completely no idea existed an hour ago. Guess why I'm still awake. #tokohpelajar1994

I should never skip Engineering lab EVER AGAIN. These assignments are not meant to be handled as an individual. I need. a group.

The economy of Australia is not looking very well according to my Intro Macroeconomics assignment. I hope AUD continues to fall. Like that I buy stuff cheaper heh heh heh

Logic gates are illogical. The last time I was in school, 1 + 1 = 2, NOT 1. but then again, NOT 1 is 0 so does that mean 1 + 1 = 0 now ?

As pointed out by my friend David, the reason why they're called logic gates is because they are the gates that deny entry to logic. That really explains it. HAO U DO IT ENGINEERS ????

As much as I complain about my assignments, I actually don't mind them especially my Engineering / Mathematics assignments. I just want something to say in this space. Which in this case, is achieved. So... I should go to bed now.

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