Mum's birthday party 2013.

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Growing up, I've always combined my birthday celebrations with dad (his is on the 15th Oct and mine on the 16th) and dad was always such a fan of extravagant house parties. When I first came to Australia and people mentioned party over the weekends, I actually thought it was going to be a house party. #kampungirl.

 It has been an extremely long time since we had a big house party with my whole family present due to my older brother and older sister studying in different continents back then. The last birthday party for mum with everyone present was in 2007 I think. I only have pics from back then so I assume it is.

Now that all my siblings are back in Malaysia and I was back in Malaysia for winter break, dad decided to throw a big party in conjunction with mum's birthday !


IMG_3796 copy copy
Tried to get a panorama view of the whole party but couldn't, so two pictures lol.

IMG_3800 copy
Mum looking stunning that day.

IMG_3804 copy
Showered with flowers. The largest bunch was from dad. It was so hard to count how many roses there were.

IMG_3819 copy
Malay food was served in conjunction with buka puasa.

559070_10151803639749365_1850620670_n copy
Two whole lambs ! ehmegerd I want moreeee.

IMG_3828 copy

IMG_3826 copy
Oooooh so fierce.

IMG_3882 copy
With my family !

Funny how my siblings were pretty colour coordinated.

IMG_3901 copy
Sis and lil bro in blue

IMG_3979 copy
Me and big bro in orange. My dress was kinda peachy orange.

IMG_3821 copy
My driver who has been fetching me around Sitiawan for over 10 years !! One of the malays I respect the most and love talking to the most. He was once in the military so he would always shed me some knowledge about our country's history and the way things work. Also the most reliable and punctual person ever who is always just a phone call away. So lucky to have such an amazing driver !

IMG_3822 copy
and the housekeeper who always treats me like a princess ! Even my parents don't treat me that way. She wouldn't even let me help her with the dishes despite her being sick, and she tries to help around the house so much. All thanks to her for taking care of my Peanut while I'm away in Australia. What a joy to have her around the house.

IMG_3991 copy
My high school friends who were still in Sitiawan came as well !

IMG_4019 copy
I remember the form 1 / 2 days when you were shorter. How can.

IMG_4021 copy
and not forgetting her. She is a friend, who is like a sister, but then in reality my distant cousin. This is a little confusing but its a long story haha !

More pictures will be uploaded on Facebook so keep an eye out for that.
Gotta run, Engineering lecture starting in half an hour. Bye !

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