First year Second semester.

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These few days has been so hectic that I couldn't find a time to even properly sit down and surf the web. I'm in Melbourne for almost a week already and first week of uni is already over but guess what, it still feels like I'm on winter break.

Abit ashamed to admit but for the past week, out of 10 lectures, I've only attended 2, but I promise myself to listen to my lecture recordings before second week starts. Which in this case, it would be less than 12 hours for 8 lectures. okaaay.

Last semester, my greatest achievement was probably this

993961_10151613569173250_1797047147_n copy
No, not because I am in the top 10 percentile of 596 student. I'm actually more happy that my favourite lecturer wrote me a letter. Can I just tell you how handsome my lecturer was ? I have never intentionally skipped his 8AM lectures (which is half an hour walk away from my apartment) before and everytime I read my textbook, I read it in his Norwegian accent. Even my tutor was cute. I have therefore come to a conclusion that the degree of handsome-ness of my educators directly affects how well I do in my studies. 

I'm just kidding, of course I'm happier about my results lol.   

Anyway this semester would be busier than the last and because I am super kiasu kid who only likes good results, I'm gonna be studying my arse off this semester but there will also be more interesting events going on in this second half of the year so I definitely will continue to update my blog on events, food reviews and stuff like that.

I hope everyone have a good semester !

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