Breakfast Thieves.

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It has been a really long while since I last went on a relaxing Saturday brunch with people I love, so last Saturday my friends and I decided to try out a fairly new place in Fitzroy

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Breakfast Thieves is tucked in between the little inconspicuous alleys of Fitzroy.  It's not hard to get to this quaint brunch destination from the CBD. Located at the intersection of Gore/Rose street, hop on Tram 86 from Bourke Street to stop 20, walk a few metres and before you know it, you're there !

I'm not even gonna lie, here is my verdict. It was quite a disappointing Saturday morning. Here is my experience accompanied by some visuals.

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For a start, I loved the interior deco of the whole cafe. It has the whole in a warehouse kind of look, with wires and pipes over their ceilings. Most of their furniture were made of wood and there was the whole relaxing vibe going round in the atmosphere.

However, probably due to the building's concrete structure, there was a fair amount of echoes surrounding us which made it really noisy. If I could compare the volume of voices, I would say it is a mild dimsum/yumcha restaurant. Which really doesn't go well with the relaxing and peaceful setting of the whole place. There was also an absence of the strong coffee aroma that I was anticipating. 

As it was pretty busy, we were seated outside but requested to be moved indoors when there are seats available. It was really sunny yet really windy that day. Took the opportunity to utilize my camera while we were waiting. Here is my company of the day.

IMG_9673 copy
Joanne. Opened all my pictures in photoshop but can't find anything to edit in this picture. Too pretty *wink

IMG_9675 copy

IMG_9676 copy

IMG_9686 copy
GMK. Love the unintentional bokeh. 

IMG_9682 copy
Picture with Edward Cullen. 

IMG_9680 copy

We didn't wait long for a seat indoors but seats were given to people who came after us, before we were attended to. Which was a slight turn off considering how hungry we were. 

IMG_9708 copy
Uninterested boys. 

IMG_9667 copy
Breakfast menu

IMG_9668 copy
Lunch menu. 
The menu looked really impressive, especially the creative Asian fusion lunch menu. 

Drinks to start off

IMG_9699 copy
Hot Chocolate
($3.50) Way too sweet for my liking. 

IMG_9692 copy
Mocha ($3.50)
Coffee was borderline bad. It was bitter and a little burnt. Wasn't dreadful. Drinkable but I wouldn't come back for it. 

Joan and I settled for The Legend because we've been craving baked eggs for some time. 
and plus, its called the legend, we figured it should be pretty legendary. 

IMG_9718 copy
The Legend ($18)
Spicy baked eggs with spanish chorizo, roasted mushroom, green peas, feta, served with herbed garlic toast. 

IMG_9714 copy
GMK's Thieves On The Run. ($11.5)
Breakfast ciabatta roll with John Harbour bacon, cheddar omelette, wild rocket
& thieves made tomato relish 

IMG_9735 copy
Sam's Soft boiled eggs on Toast ($9.5)
 Soft boiled eggs with toasted buttered soldiers

IMG_9720 copy
Brinton's Mr. Benedict ($15.5) 
Ham, poached free range eggs with hollandaise sauce on sourdough toast
Only available on the weekends 

Sam had the most un-worth it meal out of all. He was supposed to crack his half boiled eggs into half and dip the toasted buttered soldiers, but he gave up and ended up spreading the eggs over his toast. Which, I can easily do with $5. 

With all the good reviews I read about Breakfast Thieves, I had high expectations for the baked eggs but with high expectations comes great disappointments. The herbed garlic toast was too salty, and the baked eggs base was too sour. Let's put it this way, the flavours didn't play in harmony, and just doesn't sync. Couldn't find the balance. I didn't mind that the eggs weren't completely baked, but I thought that they should at least have runny yolks, but no. I am sorry to say this but it was the worst baked eggs I've ever tasted. 

IMG_9736 copy
"Steal food from the other persons plate, but please don't take our tins..." 

For my part, I didn't think the coffee or food was all that great but it wouldn't do the restaurant justice if I only judged it based on a few dishes. So would I come back again? I will, to try the creative lunch menu and also the leprechaun (which other reviews recommend) but not in the near future. IMHO, for now there are more convincing brunch spots on my Melbourne brunch list than Breakfast Thieves.

Breakfast Thieves 
(03) 9416 4884
Shop 1, 420 Gore Street, Fitzroy VIC.
Opening hours : Tues-Fri, 7am-4pm ; Sat-Sun, 8am-4pm
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