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This post is going to be a personal testimony of how God has tremendously blessed my week especially in the area of finance. I just felt like I should write it on my blog tonight.

Two weeks ago, I had a horrible week. I was broke, exhausted, sick and weighed down by everything that was happening around me. I even labelled that week "my worst week ever since I came to Melbourne" which was true. Having no friends pales in comparison with how my week went.

Then Sunday rolled around and I was stuck in dilemma as the offering buckets were handed down.
I am someone who likes spending money on myself. I don't like giving people my money. Which was why I usually give whatever leftover coins I have during offering and somehow I always had coins. Except two Sundays ago. I had only $20 in my purse and I was contemplating whether or not to give it. $20 is ALOT of money in my terms, I can buy a dress with that.

In the end I decided to take a step of faith, shut my eyes tight and put the note into the bucket.
All throughout the sermon I kept on thinking about my beloved $20 note but Pastor Robert Morris' message I heard during the Blessed Life course I'm taking kept on creeping back into my mind.

"Don't grieve over money" 

I remember asking "God, this week how ah ? Please provide me can ?" 

Fast forward to the next morning. I woke up to a text from someone wanting to rent my carpark for $200. 10 times my offering. And I was having problems trying to find someone to rent my carpark.

but God's grace didn't stop there. Few days later, my package from ASOS arrived. I bought 2 shoes and in one of my shoe box, I found a beautiful top, MY SIZE

Then I got a package from CatchOfTheDay where I bought a powerbank (now you see why I'm broke?) and I found out it was faulty. It turns off after a while. I emailed CatchOfTheDay and in the description I wrote one simple sentence saying it was faulty. In a few days, I am fully refunded, I don't have to return them the item, and I'm not even supposed to provide proof that its faulty !

During the week, a friend approached me as well, wanting to buy my old iPhone. My old iPhone is an iPhone that I am thinking of disposing. The lock button and home button weren't working, the battery dies in less than half a day and I've left it unused for over a year already. I wanted to give my iPhone to my friend but she insisted on paying for it. 

I also got an email asking if I would like to participate in a survey that pays $50. Not only was I one of the few who got to do the survey, I also referred few of my friends, so that all of them could share this blessing. 

As a cherry on top, at the end of the week, I received a mail from Malawi. I paused at the mailbox for so long flipping through my mental friend list searching for a friend from Malawi until I remembered the child I have been sponsoring through World Vision. I received my first ever mail from my little Umali John ! It was so heart warming to know that my giving is clothing someone I've never met.

The whole week was really surprises, after surprises. Apart from Monday lunch, where my friend treated me to a drink, I didn't spend a single cent on food until Friday night. There were just people blessing me with meals. I've heard of testimonies where God blessed people financially, but I've never experienced it first hand. 

$20 could only buy me 2 meals but with $20, God bought me meals for the whole week. Really, only God can bring such encouragement. Whether you believe in my God or not, you cannot deny how low the chances are for this sequence of events to happen in the same week if not supernatural. He never disappoints, and I am extremely grateful to know His love. 

On a side note, if you're in Melbourne this Sunday, I will be at Planetuni event called Sunday night and guess what, its on a Sunday night ! First September at Dallas Brooks Centre. There'll be food, games, music all in the presence of God ! I'm all pumped up for the holy ghost party. Its gonna be off the hook so don't miss out ! 

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