Tired of shopping.

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Cannot believe I'm saying this but I am really tired of shopping. Financially I can still afford a few shopping trips but right now even the thought of walking into a mall and trying on clothes for the whole day is too tiring. I am probably growing too old or too fat. I think its the latter. This season is all about crop tops and high waisted shorts and as much as I think it looks really good on some people, I don't see myself wearing anything like that.

Looks like I won't be shopping anymore until I lose some weight.
Here was my last shopping and food trip to Ipoh !

eyeemfiltered1374029014851 copy
Really wanted Tian Jin Ipoh hor fun but they were closed so we went for Fu Shan's dimsum. It was quite a turn off because we were so excited to have hor fun but we ended up with meh dimsum :/

eyeemfiltered1374041420231 copy
Then had a late lunch at Daejangum. Apart from the beef stew, the rest are kind of disappointing. Disappointed with the food we had throughout the whole trip. We just kept going to the wrong places ! Should've just went Lao Huang for hor fun pfft.

IMG_4180 copy
Yi Lin's #OOTD
Sien I need shorter and fatter friends who have shorter legs.

IMG_4179 copy

Really like my speedy bag but mum says it looks old but what nonsense ! I am pretty sure if it had Louis Vuitton / Gucci monogram or Burberry haymarket checks printed over it, people will start saying it looks better.
but pfft I kind of care more about the quantity of different bags I have than the quality or brand. Plus mine is 10 times cheaper.

Actually wore the H&M teal button down with Tommy Hilfiger shorts to Ipoh but stained my top, so I grabbed an MNG top and wore the H&M one outside. Thought I was quite genius for a second, but then realized what a klutz I am for even staining my top.

2 more days till driving test.
8 more days till Melbourne again.
Kind of sad to be leaving yet kind of excited to be starting University again. 

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