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A few days ago dear Fion from Fionism  tagged me on something called a Liebster Award. So technically, I would have to post 11 random facts about myself, and answer the questions she prepared for me and since I am really bored at home, I've decided to do it. Here goes !

Random facts about me

A few seconds ago I learnt that macaroons and macarons are two entirely different desserts. 

This is a macaroon

These are macarons.

Not really a fact about me so here is a macaron-related fact about me.

I really want this little macaron box that is selling on urban outfitters for 10 AUD but I think it would be stupid of me to spend RM30 on such a tiny box. HOW ?

I struggle letting go of things. 
I hate it when I have to leave things, or people. I hate uprooting myself. I hate saying goodbye and I hate things changing around me but of course that is inevitable. It is so annoying when I would make up my mind to let go of something and a day later I come back to change my mind. Nevertheless everyday I am still learning, to open up to new people, and not dwell in the memories of someone who has long made his exit in my life. 

I am 100% made in a Kampung (small town).
As much as I like living in the city, I'm a kampung girl at heart. I love to eat all my hawker food, I talk loudly, I do things that people from the city deem 'embarrassing' and I found it hard to fit my traditional views and principles into the city life. I do believe in going out there to broaden our views and opening our eyes, but I also believe in not letting external sources influence who you are inside. 

I wanted to work for a magazine.
Either in writing or in designing layouts / covers. I was working in the school's editorial board as the head of graphics and I really liked designing the layouts for a magazine. Not forgetting this blog fueling my passion to write. I was really contemplating doing journalism / graphic designing. 

BATTLE black copy
The last time I did something similar was for drama exam in college last year but alas we decided not to use it. 

And you must be thinking why I didn't go after my dream ? 
To be honest, I am glad I didn't go down that route. I really cannot imagine myself drawing something for hours (I can do Mathematics for hours and enjoy it though lol) let alone make it my job. homaikot.

I started blogging in 2008
but ok la, one blogpost in 2006 and 3 in 2007 doesn't exactly count as blogging. So lets just make it 2008. Therefore officially its my 6th year blogging ! Quite ashamed that I'm not famous yet haha but I really liked the experience of sharing something online and I would say I learnt and grew a lot together with this blog. It has been with me through all the times that I don't think I can ever give up blogging. And that's even if nobody is reading.

header feb 12 (2) copy
Got like through my childish phase

Header copy
and my more classy try to be matured phase.
but I think my blog has always been pink/red. Don't really remember it in another colour.

I have a tennis court at home
but I don't play tennis.
Well ok I did.
Like. Once a year. 

I am a blur case.
Sometimes the things I mess up with my blur-ness surprises myself but ok my dad once told me he won't even be surprised by what I can do anymore.
Some things my clumsiness / blurness has brought me through : 
  • Booked plane tickets for a holiday with my family (extended, if I may add) to Vietnam, only to book it on the wrong date. It was supposed to be on the 12th, I booked 21st loool.
  • Paid RM45 for 40kg worth of luggage allowance and thought that I had 45kg. Ended up having my luggage being overweight 7kg. 
  • Burnt a cloth while cooking curry.
  • Burnt a pizza... my mum was pretty furious.
  • Almost knocked down the gate of our house... dad was pretty furious
And the list goes on and on. I am really working on it ! You cannot imagine how much concentration I put into cutting a carrot, just in case I chop off one of my fingers (which I think is pretty possible. I cut my finger while peeling potatoes once, and it wasn't even a knife) 

I hang out with boys a lot. 
I was a little deflated when I found out my eye candy in college said I hang out with boys too much behind my back. Quite sad I still don't have a boyfriend even after hanging out with boys everyday.

but thank God I have a bunch of girls in Melbourne that I love to death. 
So ok, I should be a balanced kid now.

I want to experience living everywhere.
I want to travel the world. I've travelled to quite a number of places with my family but there is so much more to see !! For now on my list, there's Europe, Dubai, USA (everywhere else except California), China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and so many more ! 

I talk alot. 
Well obviously. Look how long I wrote to get to fact #10.

I'm having Dominos for dinner 
hahaha yay. Bring on the fats.

So now, questions from Fion ! 

What is/are your favourite cartoon character(s)? 
I really want to say some of the pretty Disney princesses and say how much I want to be like them but no. My favourite cartoon characters are Spongebob and Timmy Turner from Fairly OddParents lol. 

What is/are your favourite accessory (accessories)?
I really like statement necklaces and rings. Less of earrings (as Fion pointed out earlier) haha. 

What is on your wishlist right now?
This is the kind of question where I am allowed to be materialistic and demanding right ? I want a Balenciaga in a colour that matches with everything I wear. I also want a really good looking boyfriend who will treat me like a princess and also a Macbook pro. 

Name your favourite country & why?
I think I can only judge the countries that I've been to and for now my favourite would be USA. The shopping there is heaven really. Taiwan is one of my favourites as well (the night markets and street food, not the mountains or the lakes. I'm not a big fan of nature).

Who is your biggest celebrity crush? One female and One male.  

I love him in every form. Dorky or a hot bunch of muscles. 

I don't have a favourite female but I like Emma Watson a lot. 
I mean she's beautiful, she's successful and she's in Brown University. 

If you could have a time machine, which year would you want to go back to ? Why ? 
I am tempted to say when I was 13, so that I can stretch my legs so that I can be tall now. But really that would change so many things I have now that I'm not too sure if I want to go back. 

What is your favourite movie AND favourite TV series ?
This is really hard so I will just tell you the movie I've watched the most in cinemas. 
Death Race. 
Don't know if I am mesmerized by the sight of ripped bodies of prisoners or the excitement of a car race but I watched this movie for 4 times all at the cinemas lol. For TV series, I'm not too sure. Probably Secret Garden 

Who is/are your favourite blogger(s)? 
Xiaxue definitely. I can disagree with her point and views at times, or disapprove with her way of dressing etc but I always go back to her blog. The way she presents herself makes me respect her and come on, she's really interesting isn't she ? 

What is your worst habit that you wish to get rid of?
I have dry eyes and a nose that is allergic to everything so I tend to blink my eyes / rub my eyes and nose alot, so yeah I would like to get rid of the habit of touching my face a lot.

If you can have superpowers, what do you want it to be? 
READ MINDS OH YES. I will be rich if I could. No one would ever be able to trick me.

What is your favourite quote of all time ?
"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us." 
Romans 8 : 37

I will skip the tagging other bloggers because I don't think I have so many friends 

If you read through all of that, GOOD FOR YOU ! Now please go do something more productive. 

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