Reason to love Sitiawan #1

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Someone once asked me why I want to go back during the holidays when I can do something else in Melbourne like work, or tour Australia and the only reply I could find in my mind was

"Why do we need a reason to go home ?"

Studying abroad has honestly turned my whole life around. I mean back in high school, when we had a holiday, we leave home to go somewhere new. Now, when I have a holiday, I leave somewhere new and go home. Growing up in this small town, I didn't really have the most interesting social life or neither did we have the coolest hang out spots if compared to the city kids (we still don't have very cool hangout spots even though we now have Starbucks, but we're getting there). I admit, it is one boring place. You should be able to tell, since I am blogging hahahahaha.

mtf_zkQfG_125 copy
Kampung Sitiawan. 

but why do I love Sitiawan so much ? Simple : 

#1 Sitiawan is home. 

I grew up here in a comfortable spacious house, I know where everything is, I know where to find good food without urban spoon, I grow up with good foochow food, I know where all the stores are without a GPS, I don't need to get stuck in a traffic jam and can get to everywhere within 15 mins.  Everything is not just familiar, it is a sense of belonging.  Simply because I was born here, raised here and belong here, I will come back to this place. Its where I met people I've known all my life, people who will love me no matter what I do. People who has seen the best and worst of me, yet stayed by me.

 Few days ago, I caused my driver to slam straight into my house gate and it went totally off the tracks. I don't really have an excuse to how and why I did it, but it just did.

mtf_zkQfG_128 copy

Of course I got into a whole lot of trouble with my dad for being a blur mess I always am, but I was touched by the realization that he wasn't mad at me because I just burnt more of his money to fix a gate, but because he was worried the gate might fall on any of us. This kind of warmth, care and love, I can only find here. But ok la, my father did comment that in over 20 years living in this house, he has never seen our gate in a worse condition before. I am quite amazed by my ability too, thanks. 

I am pretty much dying of boredom here but at the same time I'm too lazy to move hahaha so much contradiction. Anyway I know this is super late but I AM GOING FOR A DRIVING TEST SOON !!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA I'm finally facing my fears of dying on the road ! Yes I am a paranoid kid like that. And ok I will be blogging more from today onwards, I suddenly got a lot of things to type about. 

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