New Twitter.

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Why did I close down my old Twitter ?
I have a problem with managing what I say on Twitter.

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My old Twitter shows over 30,000 tweets. I am quite shocked now myself lol. 

It was too public and caused a lot of misunderstandings. Its so frustrating when people bring up a tweet that I tweeted like 3 months ago (that I wasn't even aware of posting let alone remember) and misunderstand what I meant. I have so many people coming up to me asking me why I'm so desperate for a boyfriend when I'm not *bold and font large*. So many people asked and I really malas want to explain my own tweets. They just read my fragments of unorganized tweets together and assumed what I meant.

For example I could be watching a really sad Korean drama about a silly girl and I tweet "I really love yet hate you :(" and half an hour later I might be eating KFC and I tweet "wah so hot" . Someone might just string the tweets together and assume that I'm upset over a hot boy. But of course I don't blame the people who do that, I do that all the time.

SO it is my fault that I created misunderstandings with my nonsensical blabbery on social media. Therefore I am turning over a new leaf, thus the new twitter. I eliminate all my tweets, and my followers and restart again.

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and this time I won't screw up. 

but okla just for the very last time I want to brag about one thing before I close down my account permanently 

twitter copy
I know Lady Gaga follows over 100,000 random people but I am one of them !
Actually I don't even like her, just thought that being followed by a celebrity is quite a cool thing.

Ok maybe not really.... 

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