Food poisoning and KL.

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I've always grouped everywhere like Subang / Damansara / Cheras etc into KL because it just seems easier to mention and I don't always know where I am at anyway. My family visit KL very often and the trips are getting more frequent over the years after my parents got our own place there. Some of my friends from the area were even surprised that I know 1Utama better than they do.

This time round, my trip was really eventful, albeit short. This is probably contributed by the fact that now my siblings are over there and know the place better. But odd enough, for the past year and a half, I have been getting food poisoning almost every single time I visit KL.

I remember the very first time I suffered from it was the day I was the day I was supposed to leave Malaysia for Melbourne earlier last year. My flight was scheduled at night and I was literally rolling in pain the whole afternoon. I was supposed to get an injection with a doctor I visited in TTDI but I was too chicken so in the end I only swallowed a few pills. The fact that there was a friend who tried to cheer me up through text message at that time made the pain very much bearable, and also that my parents were flying to Australia with me made me feel better too. My mum has the tendency to always have magic pills / vitamins on her for every occasion lol.

The second time happened earlier this year  : read here 

Long story short, I was hospitalized for being too sick. 

This time round, my brother suffered food poisoning as well but he got it earlier than me. 

20130712_190242 copy
On the first night we went for Jogoya at Starhill. Mum's favourite every time July rolls around because members get buy 1 free 1 on their birthday month lol. The last time I got food poisoning, I had Jogoya as well so Jogoya is a suspect. 

eyeemfiltered1373722249177 copy
Second night, pork burger at Andes' 
Delicious meal with a really huge chunk of scrumptious pork patty. 
Was still feeling fine after this meal but my bro vomited a lot despite having exactly the same thing as everyone else.

eyeemfiltered1373799071633 copy
My last meal was at Burger Lab and it was right after this meal that I had symptoms of food poisoning. 
but ok la quite stupid to admit but I think I will still go back to Burgerlab despite it being the major suspect of my current sufferings. Not too sure if its the taste of the burger that is making me want to go back, or is it the excitement of queuing up and fighting for seats. 

Nevertheless, after this trip, my mum is convinced that burgers in KL are poisonous and my dad's stand that nowhere else is better than Sitiawan is supported. Someone pointed out to me that because I came back from Australia and comparatively food in Malaysia is dirtier, it would be quite normal that I suffer from food poisoning everytime I come back, but then I spent 2 whole weeks eating hawker food / mamak food in Sitiawan and I was fine, 3 days in KL eating food from highly visited restaurants and I get food poisoning.  

So to draw a conclusion. Maybe its not the food in KL. 
Maybe I'm just allergic to KL food. 

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