Sem 1 University results.

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The results for my first semester of first year being a student at the University of Melbourne is out and I am SO RELIEVED that I did not fail anything and absolutely do not need to repeat anything at all.

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Ok I know, you hate students like me the most and you want to explode and rage out on me because you think I am a fake smart kid who tells everyone I don't study / did badly and end up getting above average results but to be completely honest with you, my results really caught me by surprise. Not to be ungrateful but for I sec I doubted how Unimelb marks its papers.

Genuinely, I was expecting to fail a few of my subjects. For a start, I didn't even finish my Intro Micro paper, as I've blogged about here  and for Marketing, everyone kept on telling me it would be easy, so I totally left it to the last minute. Heck, I only flipped through my lecture notes during the lunch break right before the paper. I really didn't study at all and I'm saying it in a self-criticizing-for-being-irresponsible manner, not a bragging-I'm-good-even-though-I-don't-study manner. Thank God for Fei and Henny who were champions, helping me last minute memorize everything I need to know. Worse off Calculus 2, I almost didn't finish ANY of the questions. I probably wrote only half the steps to every single question and I remember going to the toilet with tears in my eyes thinking I will have to waste more of dad's money, ruin all holiday plans and spend horrible summer in miserable Melbourne. It was that bad. And anticipating the results wasn't a pleasant period for me either. I would go on the portal, hold my breath till I get a little giddy almost every day. The day when my friends informed me the results were out, I almost hyperventilated when my laptop wasn't working, my phone wouldn't load and my iPad doesn't let me scroll the page. 

I've always had impeccable luck when it comes to exams. For SPM I remember having one of Malaysia's best student sit next to me, and she would ask me questions right before the exam and they would all appear on the paper. Like magic. And then for other exams, I would either have really helpful hints right before the exam, or someone would ask me questions which would surprisingly appear on the paper. This time I wouldn't call it luck, but God's grace because I wouldn't have done it without Him. Really, all glory to God. 

After this exam, I have also decided to go for a student exchange programme hopefully second semester 2014. For now I'm thinking of United States as first choice, UK for second and South Korea for third. Everything is so undecided for now and my marks are also just touching the minimum score to be qualified, but I will definitely work harder next semester !!!! 

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