Semester 1 as a Melbourne University student.

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I haven't really been writing much recently and to say I'm too busy to do so would just be a big fat lie because honestly, I have never had so little contact hours at school in my entire life. Just think about it ! Back in high school we had so many contact hours and subjects I don't even know how I did it. To compensate for my laziness, here is a blogpost on my first semester as a Melbourne University student.

At the beginning of the semester, I really liked University. I loved how many things I could do at University. The events they host, the clubs they had and the people I could meet. Was so excited I joined like 10 clubs or so and tried to go for all the events during Oweek.

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Met super nice people that I am still close to now. 

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Also mesmerized by all the free stuff there is to grab ! There's always free BBQ out at Union House, free breakfast on Tuesdays and many more. There's so much freedom in Uni.  Freedom to decide what is best for you. Whether or not to go for class, which event to attend, what soft skills you should learn but then I really suck at making decisions so I don't really know whether I like it or not lol. 

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Also really loved my timetable because I had so much time to do everything else in the afternoons. A little crazy to have 3 days that starts at 8AM but I really have no regrets. I have perfect attendance for 8AM finance lectures, thanks to Melbourne University hiring super good looking Norwegian lecturers.

University started off being really cool to me because even though I have already been in Melbourne for a year, my college last year was only for International students and by international students I mean South East Asia and China because almost all my friends comes from either SEA or China. Coming to University means I get to meet people from all around the world, including local Australians. But from week 4 or 5 I started having these culture shocks and uneasiness with the people I had to do education with. I am constantly enraged by how racist some of them can be and how much they look down on me.

In my final years of high school I've always been in the top 10 and at that point I honestly thought that I am getting smarter the older I get (ha ha). Then I come to this University where they say the best of the best meets and everyone seem to be born geniuses and suddenly I feel inadequate. There are some people in my tutorial who walk in asking questions with terms and words I've never even heard before. Some of them don't go for tutorials or lectures and get full marks for everything. In Calculus 2 tutorials where we are supposed to work in groups, I get so frustrated when my suggestions and answers get completely ignored because they're better than me. I wasn't very used to some of their practices and the Australian culture at first as well. For example the time when a dude ran into my lecture naked trying to kiss my lecturer or how open they are about nudity and sex. That totally goes against my extreme conservatism lol.

There was a point where I didn't like University but I am glad to say that that has all gone to past. My father spent thousands of dollars to send me to this University, 6000+ kilometers away, and I decided I was not gonna let people I don't even know step on me. I worked alone for Calculus 2 (and have so far improved and actually learnt something), I joined other groups and I talked to other people. I am still conservative but I have been open to new ideas, without going against my principles.

Now at the end of the semester, I can say that I have learnt new things, I have opened my eyes to different views and perspectives and so far, I am loving University. Semester 1 has been good, and I do look forward to what the future has in store for me :)

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As exams are approaching, I have really been camping in the library for days now (my eye bags have nothing to do with it since I don't study past 8AM these days), and I actually enjoy it ! I love the environment, and all the people who show up, some to actually study, some to just lie on the table and sleep. Its interesting to watch.

Also not forgetting the super cute Zayn Malik lookalike who is always in the same library. He camps at the library for longer hours than me. He is always there when the library opens and leaves only when the library closes. He always has like bags and bags of snacks with him and he studies with a huge clock next to him but he doesn't look nerdy at all ! Forget all the sweaty gym boys la, I like studious library boys more now lolol. All jokes aside, all the best everyone for the upcoming exams ! Don't fall sick and always have plenty of rests between study hours !

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