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Someone once told me that studies prove that online shopping rates increases during exam period and I am pretty sure most girls would agree to that. I definitely can. In fact, I have this crazy obsession over online shopping what more its the end of financial year and everyone wants to offer you sales.

A lot of people have been asking me questions about where I shop online, what size and reliability so here is a blog post to answer all those questions. What a strategic timing, right in the middle of the exam season.

Here are the stores I've purchased from :


This deserves to be at the top of the list because it is my favourite. The best thing about this place is the free shipping. They also have really good service especially when it comes to delivery, returns and exchanges. Yes, they do make mistakes like sending you the wrong thing or the wrong size, but just contact them and they'll send you the right one right away. Even though I don't like the layout of the website (kills the mood cos they have too many things), but love the constant discounts.

IMG_4101 copy
Tried my size at the shoe store and bought it online on Asos. 
Cheaper and I will tell you why later.

Other recent purchases :

eyeemfiltered1368334519474 copy

IMG_3972 copy
Heart print skater skirt. I have really been wearing this everywhere, love it to bits.

Technically Korean ebay and deserves to be either #1 or #2 because not only do they have super pretty products that are at prices you can't even imagine, they are also of really good quality. The downside ? Its extremely hard to navigate around and you need to know how to read and understand basic Korean. Other downside includes expensive shipping fee as its imported directly from Korea, so sharing with your friends and buying in bulk would be the best choice. 

This is what you see when you click on women's clothing. Technically all the thumbnails are different shops (they have like a million items in one shop and it takes forever to scroll through all their products) , and the red price is the "base price", which means the prices of their goods would be the base price and above. Usually they don't charge too much above the base price and everything is quoted in won. Fortunately for me and my friend, we could both read and understand Korean so we managed to get what we wanted. 

IMG_4150 copy
Price I had to pay for shopping on gmarket in bulk ? I had to find a way to carry this monster back to my apartment from the furthest possible post office from my apartment, located in the CBD. Taxis didn't even want to stop for me because it was raining and no one wanted to get down and carry a box for me.  Note : I didn't buy EVERYTHING in the box. Me and three other friends shared, but we bought over 40 items. 

Favourite buys would definitely be the knitweareyeemfiltered1369951143864 copy
Turquoise collared knit (collar comes with the knit). 
No words can describe how comfortable and how amazed I am with the quality of the knits I bought. Not only do they fit perfectly, they are so warm and comfortable. I wore this out on the first day with no jacket and I didn't feel cold. Not only that, none of them cost over $15 and that includes shipping !

So happy that I bought them in three colours. I'm thinking of selling one of them off, a white knit with red collar, so keep your eyes out on a garage sale that I might be hosting in Semester 2 !

eyeemfiltered1370256340413 copy
Another love. Hesitated on whether or not to buy this and I am SO GLAD that I bought it. I've been wearing these knits to the library almost every day. It costed about $13 and comparing it to the more expensive H&M knits I got earlier, these win hands down. 

eyeemfiltered1370134889050 copy
Chiffon top X printed tweed skater skirt.

Amazing fact : For those of you who shop at Melbourne Central, you would notice that the stores outside the big clock have really pretty chiffon tops that costs almost $70 per piece. Turns out Gmarket sells the exact same thing for less than $15 and the products displayed at Melbourne Central are all made in Korea as well. I am selling off a few of those tops at the garage sale I'm planning so keep your eyes open for it !

#3 Zalora

This is for all my fellow Malaysians. I'm pretty sure everyone in Malaysia has heard one of their advertisements repeating over and over again on or some Astro channel. My experience purchasing on was a good one. Not only was there assistance by the customer service the minute I needed it, my parcel also arrive perfectly in a really short time. They used to have free delivery the last time I bought but now they're only providing free shipping over RM75. 

IMG_8784 copy
My CNY dress from Zalora. The quality isn't top notch, but its alright. Similarly to Asos, they have too many choices that it gets tiring after browsing for too long. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure I will be browsing it again when I get back to Malaysia. 

Based in UK, it has the cutest things but usually not the cheapest unless they're on sale. Last year they had a special promotion where they ship internationally for free so I bought dresses from there. No free shipping anymore but you can always find friends to buy in bulk cos its free if you spend $120 and above. 
Floral printed dress that I found on inlovewithfashion for only $12. Wore it EXCESSIVELY last year.

IMG_1965 copy
Picture from last year with wrap around dress. Thinking of selling this off too ! 
The downside for the dresses are the materials are really thin and can be a little revealing sometimes.

#5 Ebay
Don't think I have to introduce this. Recently purchased phone covers on Ebay and they're arriving soon ! Excited. 

I look like I spend a lot on online shopping and I do agree that I am spending a little too much (thank God for my part time job) but to think about it, none of the clothing that I bought online exceed $20 and that includes shipping. Instead of going to the stores and buying a dress for $70, I went online and bought 3 $20 dresses, quite worth it don't you think ? 

So now, to the people still in the dark, here is a secret to getting more discounts.
Myunidays is a site where University students get discounts on various stores ! Participating stores include Asos, The Iconic, Urban Outfitters, Boohoo, Topshop, inlovewithfashion and many more so don't forget to check it out when you want to shop ! Don't say I never share good things.

Some stores that you may be interested and that I would like to shop at in the future includes
  • Boohoo : Advertised on Australian TV, free shipping within Australia and they have a sale going on now !!!
  • The Iconic : Free shipping over $20 ! You can see that I love free shipping and you'll definitely spend more than $20 on there. Just really need to wait for them to go on sale. 
  • Urban Outfitters : ALMOST purchased something here but they charge $10 shipping fee so I didn't think it was worth it in the end. The simple and easy to navigate website makes this my favourite store to browse. Love that they don't have too many items thrown at you as compared to Asos. 
  • Nasty Gal : I didn't stumble upon this one fine day. We actually studied this website in our last marketing tutorial. Not the cheapest as compared to the others and only free international shipping above $150USD therefore this is the last on my list. 
One last thing that many people have been asking : Are you not afraid that the size will go wrong ?
I honestly think that is part of the thrill of online shopping. If your size goes wrong, you either lose/gain weight, or you sell it off. It depends on whether or not you want to take the risk.

For now, I am taking a break from shopping (for real). My last purchase was yesterday where I bought a pair of platform heels for $10, originally priced at $120. Sorry if you read my Facebook / saw my Instagram but I really want to tell everyone about the most worth it buy I've ever made. No more online shopping for at least a month or two. I have run out of wardrobe space and that is why I will be hosting a garage sale most probably in August so as I've mentioned before, keep your eyes open for news about it ! 

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