Introductory Microeconomics lament

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If you're looking for something fruitful here, I am afraid you will find nothing.
I am only here to lament about my first exam today.

Today I had my very first exam in University. When I walked into the exam hall, I felt like a princess in a palace. The hall is so beautiful (Masterchef Australia filmed there once) making me feel oh so fortunate to be in such an amazing uni, taking exams in such a beautiful place.

**Last night I had a horrible nightmare that I forgot my student ID and wasn't allowed to go into the exam hall, so I took a taxi home and when I reached my apartment, I forgot the reason I came back, so I went back to the exam hall with no student ID. I'm pretty sure if I didn't have that dream, I MIGHT have forgotten my student ID considering the high level of blur I've achieved in 19 years.

So anyway, I was dead anxious before the exam. I know I've prepared well, heck I went to the extent of going on the exam library looking for past exam papers, then asking my seniors if they had solutions to those papers. I did at least 7 past year papers and I was a little confident that I was gonna nail it but still I was nervous because unlike in SPM, this exam paper is gonna cost my father almost $4000 AUD if I fail it. Imagine all the shopping I can do. So ok I was a little freaked out.

I remember looking at the paper and thinking that its not that bad. The lecturer emphasized all these topics, and some questions were even in the past year papers. I thought I was doing a pretty good job until the examiner announced that there was only 15 minutes left and I wasn't even halfway through my paper. Worse still my pencil was running out of lead.

I've really never experienced not finishing an exam before.
1 paper down the drain, 3 more papers to go. Really need to catch some sleep and study for my coming papers. But in all irrelevancy, here are two pictures of me.

eyeemfiltered1369614827742 copy

20130609_134922 copy
Purposely post picture of me studying in the library and picture of me with eyebags.
Like that when my father reads this post he will know that I have really been trying my best to study and not just spend his money everyday hahahahahaha.

Also hope that Melbourne University Intro Micro markers read this and feel sorry for me, then give me extra 20 marks or something. Highly unlikely, but its good to dream.

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