Home is where the heart is.

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So far I've really been enjoying the comfort of home and the company of the people back here. I can only say its the start of an amazing break before semester 2 starts !


I'm not even gonna lie anymore. The passion to blog has worn off me and Instagram is to be blamed. Instagram is such an important part of my life and its the main media I connect with people. Posting and sharing stuff on Instagram instantly is just so much easier. BUT that doesn't mean Peekashu.com is dead. I will continue to blog, but just not as frequent as I did a year ago (or two years ago).

For the rest of my time back in Malaysia, I will try to blog more, because I am so free now. Warning, it will be really Sitiawan heavy. (I'm thinking of counting down the reasons I love Sitiawan !) So stay tuned :)

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