Tiff's 19.

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I love birthdays. I love the suspense, the preparation, the whatsapp groups before the actual date. What more with my favourite girls in Melbourne !

IMG_4013 copy
No mainstream 12am surprise, it's a surprise in bed when the sun is up kind of surprise !

IMG_4025 copy
If you look really closely, the 7 of us are actually dressed in rainbow colours lol. The cake really resembles Tiff's dog - Tofu.

Fast forward to South Melbourne for brunch at Chez Dre.
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Had to wait for almost an hour before they had a table for 8, so we took the opportunity to roam around South Melbourne market. Great place for vintage finds !

IMG_4137 copy
Grand Petit Dejeuner $21.5
They've changed their menu since the last time I was there and I was a little disappointed with the food. Despite it being overall yummers, the poached egg wasn't poached perfectly and the 2 pieces of bacon on my plate was just pathetic. Nevertheless the tomato relish was absolutely yums.
I will definitely come back to try the pastries one day, and also peek at the cute waiter who looks like Captain America hehehehe.

IMG_4110 copy
Mocha of the day.

8 girls in South Melbourne can only spell : Camwhore.

Untitled-1 copy
#OOTD pictures outside Chez Dre
The little South Melbourne alleys looks so vintage and pretty ! Definitely coming back here for more pictures. Want to explore this place more !

More camwhores on the tram tracks !

I really had the best time of my life with these girls.
The crazy laughter, the loud conversations and receiving stares from the locals are oh so image damaging and embarrassing to some but with these people, I do not have a single worry that they would judge me, and the strangers who do does not matter.

I love these girls to the moon and back.
Just so you know all 8 of us are single. *grin

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