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5th of May, I was baptised, 5th of May, I was hoping to see my country getting baptised as well : cleansed and renewed. 

There is one thing you need to know about me, I don't do night owl. By 10 I would be yawning and by 11 I would be tucked in bed. But last night my housemates, who are all my cousins and I all stayed up till 3AM Melbourne time, hopeful that our country will fall into the right hands. I was skyping my cousin in Sydney on one window and my fat brother on another window. At the beginning, there was the excitement of seeing the numbers race up together with BN leading due to the East Malaysian votes but PR inching closer and closer by the second. I was so glad the results for Perak were looking hopeful.

The lights went off as they were counting the votes. Suddenly, wild ballot boxes appeared. I was looking at the results page with BN on 57 parliament seats and in a refresh, it became 97 parliament seats. Tell me Malaysians, is this the free and fair elections we have been fighting for ?

Previously I have decided not to blog about my political views, simply because I wanted to respect all my fellow Malaysians who root for BN. I didn't want to condemn them and I certainly don't want to be the one telling them what is right / wrong. I hope to see them have the same freedom to choose whichever party they wanted. This time however, the government has gone too far.

Everything that we have fought for in Bersih rallies, were totally disregarded. All the tricks were expected, but I had hope that this year would be different.

Honestly, if such a simple promise is not met, how are we suppose to surrender our whole country to these authorities ? It's a sad night for all Malaysians, not just PR supporters because its only gonna go downhill from here. It's the fate of the entire nation, not just a matter of which party wins. 

Yesterday Planetshakers church prayed together for Malaysia, and tears just streamed down my eyes. It was sad, looking at what my country is going through and yes it aches to imagine the things that will continue to happen from now on. Snatch thieves will not be stopped, corruption will not be stopped.

Joining the protest on Facebook. We don't want a dark Malaysia. 

One thing to be certain.
I am not disappointed in Malaysia

because what is Malaysia ? Malaysia is all of us, all the rakyats, all citizens regardless of race, united as one. Throughout this period, I am honestly so proud of my fellow Malaysians. Even though there were some dispute between party supporters but majority of them were united. What I am disappointed in is the government. Not for robbing us of the rights to vote, but for robbing our right to determine the fate of our nation. We could vote, and I am so proud of all the blue fingers on instagram, but we couldn't determine the results.

So I urge all sleeping Malaysians, to not fall into slumber and disappointment any more. It is even more the time to rise up. To those who had been oblivious to everything that is happening, wake up. To those who are thinking of migrating, rise up. Improve yourselves, then come back to this land in 5 years.5 years ago we had no Facebook and communication was limited, but now with technology, we have hope. I believe its not over until God says its over. God is not done with changing Malaysia.   Wake up Malaysians, we have another election to prepare for. 

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