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The only reason why I'm blogging tonight is because I have tonnes of homework and I have no idea how to do them. Since I need someone to talk to and my housemate (my cousin brother) has way more Engineering assignments than me, I figured I will talk to you. Even though, I don't really know who you are unless you comment or pm me telling me you read my blog but ANYWAY

If I were to rate my commitment as a blogger to peekashu.com for the past month, it would probably be 2 out of 10 but of course I have my reasons. First of all, nothing interesting is really happening in my life.  Ok not exactly true but not exactly a lie either, there were a few events :

IMG_9608 copy

Like my dog giving birth to 5 adorable pups who probably can run now. Wish I could be home to see them !!!!!

IMG_3627 copy

Also, Moomba festival with the girls

IMG_3689 copy
And picnic as well

but I haven't really been out much lately, excluding quick lunches / dinners with people. I am honestly so proud of myself for not shopping at all for the month of March ($10 necklace not counted) NO SHOPPING TRIPS IN A MONTH ! I didn't even go to Melbourne Central to "walk around".

The proud moment didn't last too long though cos I thought I could reward myself, so I went and spent two weeks worth of salary in a day and set dates on my calendar to go shopping in two weeks time. BUT NOT WITHOUT A REASON. In two weeks time I'll get my pay again *smirks* and it will be Abercrombe & Fitch's launching in Doncaster !!!!!!!!

If you don't know what happens at A&F launchings, here are a few pictures to give you a brief idea

I know I sound super shallow and everything but ohmagad, I absolutely love boys with washboard abs so I'm all prepared to go feast my eyes on these lovely bodies. The last time I'm this die-die-also-must-attend excited over an event was 2PM concert and even then it was because I wanted to see Taec. Okla I very shallow ok ? I'm attracted to muscles and rappers.

Ok that's the end of my random blogpost. I've successfully arrived at bed time after avoiding study time. Good job Shuwen, I hope you continue to enjoy your university life.

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