Planetshakers Conference 2013

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First off I would like to say that God has just blown my mind this conference. 
Yes, that just needed to be in the largest font and bold because everything that happened throughout this week just left me sitting there with my mouth open, wondering how is this possible. If you're not sure what Planetshakers is, Planetshakers is a church ministry and this conference is when people across the globe and power preachers gather at Hisense Arena, and yes it is an event that revoles around Jesus.

It was truly and amazing week. God just rocked up and his presence was so strong. It was the first time that I actually felt it so physically. Throughout the week I was praising and shouting, singing so much but I didn't lose my voice until the last session was over. That fact simply amazes me, because if you know me, I lose my voice all the time.

Before I start talking about what God did in my life, here are some pictures :

IMG_3771 copy
This is last year's stage

IMG_9702 copy
This year's on the opening night.

IMG_9743 copy
I think its mega cool that there's a huge 3D cross above the stage.

Many people have the perception that church is boring, everyone is conservative, cannot shout, must be silent and sing hymns with really high angelic voices and wear white. I'm not even exaggerating it, people have asked me whether my church was like that but I'm here to say that its nothing like that.

Church is the fun of my Sunday and that fun and joy extends throughout the whole week. It's the place where you jump for joy and dance in excitement for how great God is. I've never been clubbing but I'm pretty sure the volume of the music and the lightings won't lose to any clubs in the city. People have also asked, why do I not go clubbing ?
and all I can answer is, why should I when I can find everything people are looking for in clubs, in church. And more.

So I spent almost my whole break at conference. Waking up at 7 and staying at conference till 2. Yes I was tired physically, but every night I come home feeling overjoyed and excited for the next day.

IMG_9749 copy
The road I had to walk every morning for 4 days.

IMG_9696 copy
Served at registrations this year. So fortunate that I get to serve AND get into all the main sessions.

IMG_3748 copy
One of the many blessings of serving. SNACKS ALL THE WAYYY. Its so amazing to be able to serve. I get to pass arm bands (tickets) to people from all around the world. There were Koreans who came to the stadium right after their plane landed, people with luggages from the airport, Americans, South Africans, Mexicans, oh man so many nationalities gathered in Melbourne !!

IMG_9667 copy
Even my lovely Liz flew from her little island of Perth !!! (I insist that Perth is an island)

This conference I really feel so so blessed. So blessed that I gained weight ! Usually people lose weight because there really isn't much time for you to get / eat food, but this year,

IMG_3746 copy
beloved Happy cooked and we spent our time eating on the carpark floor.

IMG_3740 copy

IMG_9731 copy

IMG_9733 copy
Honey Soy Chicken and Kimchi Fried Rice !!

I really feel so blessed to have Liz, Brenda and Happy. Everyday I go home from conference and I'm so tired that I just want to skip the shower and go straight to bed, yet these champions who live all the way in the suburbs stay up late to cook and wake up early to prepare. Every bite was a mouthful of love for me ok !

IMG_9719 copy
Got a chance to rest and chill on the grass with FG Kong on the last day

IMG_3753 copy
Also with my favourite ULU05 people

IMG_3756 copy
Playing taboo and just absorbing the sun

IMG_3751 copy
Love these crazy people lah !!

So many amazing things happened but I'll only blog about the one that I know how to properly put into words. On the last night, Pastor Chris Hill was just talking about how the devil was a snake in the first book of the Bible but he ended up being a dragon in the last book of Bible. How did we allow him to do that ? He listed an example, addiction to facebook. 

"You need to get off facebook and get your face back into the book"
Chris Hill.

and that at that moment, I decided to check Instagram (my Instagram app is next to my Bible app and they're both brown, so I always click the wrong app everytime I want to access my Bible lol) and the first picture that came up on my Instagram was a snake. I've always had a problem with my Instagram addiction and I acknowledge it. 

People may think, why is it a problem that I am addicted to Instagram ? Well to be honest, I love attention. I like it when people like my Instagram pictures. Slowly it has developed into a platform for me to say "I want attention, I'll post a picture I don't even like to get the attention I want" and when I don't get the attention I want, I feel pissed. You know how Instagram says "15 likes" on a picture but if its only a few people who liked the picture it'll only show people's usernames ? I hated it when I don't see the numbers I want and I have long known that this is a problem but I never thought of doing anything about my addiction.

Until the picture of the snake popped up when pastor was speaking about the serpent. You can say all you want that it is a coincidence, but think about it, what are the odds that I decide to check Instagram when my favourite preacher is preaching, and see a picture that relates to what he just said. It was a wake up call, a smack on the head. 

There are tons of mind blowing things that happened in my life after conference, but all of that may not leave you in awe because its MY life, which is why I really encourage everyone to attend Planetshakers Awakening 2014 because you'll only believe and stand in awe, when you have that personal encounter with God. It truly is life changing. So, I hope to see you guys at Planetshakers Awakening 2014 !!!!!!

Assignments are due today and tomorrow ! So after this I'll be free as a birdddd. I'll bake, I'll blog and I'll do a lot of other things. So stay tuned for more frequent blogposts !!!

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