My Melbourne crib.

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It's has been almost 2 months since I moved into my current apartment from Albert House and I realized apart from a pathetic picture on Instagram, I haven't shown you guys my room yet !! So here is a blogpost, entirely dedicated to my room in Melbourne.

The door to my room. 

IMG_3790 copy copy
Buntings from Kikki.K and scented lamb from Taiwan.
I love buntings la, I think they're the cutest things a room can ever have. 

This is how my room looks like when you open the door.
IMG_3820 copy
lol ok I'm a sucker for cute things and pink / red stuff.

IMG_3799 copy
To the right : pictures / cards. 
I actually recycled a lot of rubbish. Like the Christmas card from church was just too cute to throw into the dump and "Finding the 'one' can take time" was actually a letter from the bank giving you info about home loans but of course in my case "the one" isn't interpreted as a house la.

Underneath the pictures : 
Everyday bags, my accessories in the Disneyland and Hello Kitty containers, and nail polish plus tons of other rubbish I don't even know what underneath. 

Walk further and you come to my favourite part of my room (apart from the mirror)

IMG_3784 copy
On top of my cupboard : 
 I put my keys, sunglasses, frequent accessories here. 

IMG_3787 copy
Since its my favourite area, deserves more pictures. 

IMG_3788 copy
Birthday board was a surprise gift from my sister on my 18th birthday.

IMG_3785 copy
Fragrances except for the green Estee Lauder one are gifts from my sister ! 
I love the pretty glass bottles but I've never touched the Ralph Lauren / Givenchy before. Marc Jacobs is my favourite because from the appearance of the bottle down to its fragrance, it really reflects me ! Somemore in my favourite colour hehehehe. 

Then you cross the room to my little shelf I purchased a month ago ! 

IMG_3780 copyI place all my make up on the shelf, all the cute containers are just there for deco cos they're all empty. Elmo from USS, Disneyland and teddy bear is my sis'. 

IMG_3783 copy
Textbooks and my bedroom slippers underneath ! 

IMG_3803 copy
My companions !

Above my bed : 

Pictures of loved ones !!

IMG_3797 copy
Another recycled item from Planetshakers' booklet they gave to ULs last year to remind me of what having faith really is !

IMG_3801 copy
Next to my bed : Hand creams, moisturisers and everything I need before sleep !

IMG_3806 copy
My study table with pictures of the most important people in my life : 
My parents, my siblings, thunder buddies, and 2 pics for my dad doing the Gangnam Style. 

IMG_3814 copy
Melbourne from my room. Can stalk all the people in A'Beckett tower (black building) hehehe

IMG_3815 copy
Ok so that is all of my room. I love my room !! 

I wanted to take you guys on a tour of the whole apartment main areas but then cleaning up for a blogpost is too much a hassle hahaha. 

Honestly, my room never looks like this. I actually spent an hour  kicking everything under my bed  cleaning up my room before taking pictures of it lolol. It's so fustrating ok. I take 3 hours to clean, and it gets messed up in less than a day. That's all bye. 

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