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As every Malaysian countdown to the long awaited elections happening on 5th of May, I can't help but to notice the increasingly amount of updates regarding the election appearing on my Facebook news feed. Somehow I am excited to see what the end result would be for this election, but then again, sad to see what is actually happening to my country. What saddens me is how divided our country has become. It seems like every Malayisan now has a label :

BN or Pakatan Rakyat

Don't get me wrong, I do have a party that I support and I believe Malaysia is in for a reformation. I too, like most Malaysians out there want to see a better Malaysia but I know as well that there is no definite right and wrong party in politics. Its various shades of grey, and to say that one party is the wrong party to vote for because you disagree with almost everything they do, is just ignorant to me.

What I am trying to say is, everyone has the liberty to choose the kind of government they want. There always has been heated discussions and criticism on our government for not giving us 'free and fair elections'. However if you think about it, Facebook comment bashing someone who supports the party you don't, is that allowing someone else to vote freely ? That is almost like telling someone they shouldn't eat chocolate ice cream because you like vanilla ice cream. 

To convince someone, or to enlighten someone about the facts of political parties is different from commenting something like

"Wtf you crazy asshole, why you support XXX party ? Do you know what they have done ? You're betraying your country" 
(This is an example, but I've read similar comments on Facebook)

Change in Malaysia starts with us. If citizens continue to be barbaric, vulgar, arguing with one another everyday, even with the best government, Malaysia is not going to go anywhere. 

Just my two cents, I'm really sick of all these angry people on the internet. 

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