An encounter with Prada.

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Not too long ago, I purchased the bag of my dreams (I liked it so much it was my iPad wallpaper as motivation to study : read more here ) a Prada bag in a limited edition colour. Sorry if you feel like I am showing off but that information is just really vital for this blogpost.

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Bag can be seen in my previous blogpost on CNY 2013

So after arriving in Melbourne for a week, to my horror my new beloved bag broke on the streets. I was pretty upset because I've used it less than 5 times and I owned it less than a month ! I was pissed off but now thinking about it, it was partly my fault for throwing so much junk in it. Anyway long story short, the stitches of the strap on the bag completely came off so I brought it to the Prada store in Melbourne to fix it. The employees were all smiles, received my bag, complimented on the unique colour and gave me a receipt telling me it will be fixed in 6 to 8 weeks. 

Life went on and in a blink of an eye, it was almost 10 weeks without my bag and I still had no news from Prada regarding the progress. So I decided to call them and enquire about my bag but all they did was take my order number in the first phone call. In the course of the week, they called me back numerous times enquiring more details on my bag including the colour, when I sent it in, who received my bag, what was wrong with it etc. It sounded pretty fishy after a while but I just brushed it off until a week ago. 

A week ago, an employee called me and she spoke so differently from the other people who called me earlier, so informal that I actually thought it was one of my friends pulling a prank on me. Imagine a conversation like this "Eh I tell you hor, regarding your bag right, I need to tell you we need more time leh"  From her, I found out that they sent my bag overseas to be fixed but it is not recorded anywhere in the world. For short : They lost my favourite bag. 

Remember in kindergarden, teachers always used the example of you breaking your mum's favourite vase ? I think I know how mum would have felt because I was furious. I stormed off to their store to make sure I heard things clearly and true enough, they could not find it and to make matters worse, they cannot replace it and give me a new one because lacca is a limited edition colour, Prada has stopped production of this colour for 2 months and nowhere in the world is selling it anymore. So they asked me for more time, and when I asked how long, no one could give me an answer.

The poor employee who received my bag was apparently the one to blame, and the informal lady who called me earlier even sternly told her off right in front of me. The poor employee looked like she was almost on the verge of crying and as bad as I feel for her, all I cared about was still my bag. The informal lady tried to make me feel less angry by conversing with me in a too-friendly way and after a while she asked me 

"Why aren't you using your lacca bag?"

At first I was a little confused. The point of me walking 5 streets all the way to Prada was because they lost my bag and she was asking me why I'm not using it. So adding to my building anger, I said a little too loudly,

"What do you mean my bag ? You guys lost it !!"

and then followed by another mini emergency employee meeting right in front of me. Apparently everyone, even the employee who received my bag from me thought I only sent in the strap to be fixed and not the whole bag itself. So there was this mini commotion of calling up other Prada people all around the world and before I left the store that they, they found it. Apparently while sorting out the bags, they sent mine to Singapore instead of Hong Kong. My bag returned the next day and now safely sits on my cupboard. 

IMG_3822 copy

When I went to pick it up, the employee who lost it actually said to me "Are you happy its back ? Because I'm very very happy its back". Wow she must be relieved she still has her job. The informal lady was really nice that day, allowing me to be the first customer to view another limited edition bag that is still being unpacked in their store room.

Despite treating me really nice at the end of the day, I am truly disappointed at how things were dealt. I would not comment on the too-casual informal lady but the fact that they sent my bag to a wrong country, without recording it and then calling me to ask for more time to find a replacement bag without even knowing how long it will take ? That was not the kind of service I expected from Prada. Being in a quiet Prada store, watching a supervisor tell an employee off is definitely not one of the comfortable moments of my life.

Nevertheless, I am glad that my bag is back in my arms. Hopefully the next time I return to the Prada store, it would be on happier occasions.

Ok that's all. Thank you for reading bye ! :D

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