Abercrombie and Fitch launching.

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Yesterday, Henny and I were at Abercrombie and Fitch's launching of its first Australian store. I was pretty surprised that not many of my friends know what AandF is. All I can tell you is AandF is an American clothing brand and most of their clothing are really Californian-ish (think floral dresses, beach shorts, bikinis and sort). Also, they tend to have topless hunks that you can touch take pictures with during the launch.

IMG_3826 copy
30 minute bus ride to be at Doncaster, at 8.30AM

IMG_3831 copy
There wasn't a really long line cos it was only about 9AM in the morning. I reckon the queue outside Telstra for the Samsung S4 was longer. Actually spilled my coffee when one of the Abercrombie models walked over to our side to greet everyone. 

IMG_3838 copy
Almost our turn ! 
Honestly, I was a little disappointed because unlike the Singapore launching, this one only had 3 models, and they didn't really have extremely defined washboard abs that I was expecting. 

IMG_3839 copy
Nevertheless, the dude on the far right is super cute ok. 
Henny likes the one on the far left. 
Sad for the middle man. 

IMG_3912 copy
Free polaroids as well !
Says Hollister because its part of A and F.

IMG_3857 copy
In the store, still not really looking at any of their clothing. 
I like the clothes, especially the floral dresses and denim crop tops, but it was a little pricey, so we didn't end up getting anything though we did walk around the store at least three times. 

IMG_3853 copy
because we realized, not only are the models outside hot, everyone working inside is good looking. I would rate almost everyone (both male and female workers) an 8/10 for looks. The guy above actually looks a lot like Robert Pattinson. 

IMG_3859 copy
After feasting our eyes on good looking workers. 
The whole point of me travelling there was to look at the models, so of course I'm gonna have a million paparazzi shots of them.

IMG_3866 copy
Paparazzi until the guy I thought was cute realized I was snapping pics of him from afar, so he charmingly pointed at me and smiled, but I was so shy I turned to go, resulting in this picture.
I'm sorry I don't have a close up on the dude, if you really want to see, you can go facebook search everyone who works at Abercrombie (Y) (that was a joke if you didn't get it)

Thought it was a little too early to go home, so we shopped around Westfield, which brings me to my next adventure : Samsung S4 hunt. 

We stumbled upon Optus and I decided to go in to ask if they still have any Samsung S4. I wasn't very hopeful after looking at the line outside of Telstra earlier but to my surprise they had quite a lot in stock ! The only problem was that I had no documents required with me and there was nothing they could do. The guy at the counter called around and told me there was 3 more at Melbourne Central and if I really want it, I can try my luck to rush back and get it, which is exactly what we did.

IMG_3872 copy
Pretty Henny at the bus stop, waiting for the bus to bring us back to the city.

IMG_3875 copy
At this point you must be thinking I'm crazy for travelling back when I know I'm not gonna make it but Henny said something even crazier. "Go back and get your documents, then come back here again" but heck no am I gonna travel 30 minutes to the city then 30 minutes back here again for a phone.

The bus came, we rushed to the city and it was almost an hour later when we reached Melbourne Central. To my absolute horror, the couple in front of me took away the last of the 3 Samsung S4s left but since I've gone so far, I made the guy at the counter call around Melbourne, and he found out that there were 2 more at harbour town and he could hold one for me for at least an hour ! 

JOYYYYY. So long story short, I ran home, got all my documents and trammed all the way to Harbour Town with Henny. 

IMG_3886 copy
So that was how I got my new phone.

IMG_3887 copy
Not in white, but I figured I'm gonna cover it with a super chic pink case any way.

After so much of rushing, we decided to chill around Harbour Town.
Usually I like to shop alone. In fact, I hate shopping with people and would always push people who want to shop with me away, but that day was such a fun day with Henny ! 

IMG_3883 copy

Did a lot of damage to my bank account that day but I haven't relaxed like that in so long !

IMG_0056 copy
Camwhore session with the girl. 

IMG_0067 copy

IMG_0058 copy
You like the cool one ? 

IMG_0060 copy
Or the cute one ? haha ! 

IMG_0051 copy
Or super-vain-trying-to-act-like-we're-cool one ? 

IMG_3879 copy
Notice both of us changed our clothes, immediately after buying them lolol
Top : Valleygirl ; Skirt : Glassons.

IMG_3878 copy
On Henny : Glassons romper. Looks super good on her okk !
Extremely love this girl for accompanying me the whole day, going all the way to Doncaster at 8AM, just to rush back to Melbourne Central, then rush to Harbour Town. Love her !

IMG_3885 copy
Super eventful day for me. 
Lugged home a bag pack, 5 tops, 2 skirts, accesories and a new phone !!

IMG_0037 copy
Henny's dreamcatcher iPhone sticker is probably her favourite buy that day. 

Untitled-1 copy
and this is mine ! Aside from the new phone. 
Super love Diva's new pastel collection !!!!

I know I know, no point nagging or feeling guilty now since the money is spent. BUT I'm not gonna be going for any shopping sessions until after semester 1. Lets hope that doesn't end up like my diet plan. Also, I'm not super rich to be having a Samsung S4 like many people perceived. It was only $7 a month extra from the plan that I had to get. Full Samsung S4 review soon when I get a hang of it. So far I love it ! 

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