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Once again I apologize for not updating Peekashu.com. It has been super hectic since I came to Melbourne, in a really good way that is, not the stressed out kind of hectic.

Last week was Orientation week and I had so much fun, totally cannot understand why people told me to skip Oweek. Maybe to some people Oweek is really boring but its not if you participate in the events and collect all the freebies ! First of all, I want to show you my room.

IMG_9108 copy

Actually I don't think you can see anything so I will give you a more detailed tour next time :D

The whole week started out with a steamboat session at Joanne's. 

IMG_9093 copy

IMG_9095 copy
Bonding session over mafia ! 

Orientation day 1
IMG_9140 copy
First day of Oweek !
Many people have asked, WHY SUE ??? Well simply because Shuwen is harder to pronounce and remember. Last year everyone just called me Peekashu cos it was easy to remember. and cute. I think.

IMG_9139 copy

\IMG_9159 copy
There were tons of people in costumes the first day cos there was supposedly a harlem shake session! Really wanted to go but no one would go with me :/ by the time I found Joanne to go with me, it was over.

IMG_9143 copy
Free slurpee ! 

IMG_9164 copy
With the 7-11 people who also gave us skype credit !

IMG_9157 copy
Super kancheong face cos if you win this you get like an itunes gift card or something.

IMG_9141 copy
Another game where you have to draw the person in front of you without lifting your pen off the paper / looking at your paper. My drawing of her quite nice what !! 

IMG_9142 copy
Music and amazing weather. (Y) 

IMG_9148 copy
All the freebies I snagged on the first day !! SO MANY DISCOUNT VOUCHERS.

IMG_9169 copy
Happy came over one day and taught me how to cook.

IMG_9177 copy
The charsiew really damn good one lor, in fact I made them for my cousin before I sat down and started blogging hahaha I'm so nice.

#3 Orientation day 2
IMG_9182 copy

IMG_9183 copy
Helped out at PlanetUuni booth too ! It was really challenging trying to go up to people and talk them into joining a club but I really love PlanetUni, so much fun that day !

Around lunch time I went for MUOSS' Food Adventure !
Technically Food Adventure is for first year students who are new to Melbourne and would like to be introduced to the food here.

IMG_3487 copy
Hong Kong exchange students in my group !!!
Meeting new people is the 2nd best thing about this adventure, the best thing is EVERYTHING IS FREE. Really, whoever made up the Chinese idiom that there is no free lunch on earth probably never joined MUOSS.

IMG_3496 copy
First stop : Froyo and cupcake at Tutto !

IMG_3497 copy

2nd stop : Grill'd

IMG_3502 copy

IMG_3500 copy

IMG_3512 copy
Followed by San Churros !

IMG_3515 copy
Lastly pasta and pizza. I'm sorry that these are not actually pics of food haha. See pics of people better what.

After a whole day of walking, everyone was drop dead tired but the next day there was MUOSS' Amazing Race ! Really don't think I've ran so much in my entire life. Even got a mini asthma attack on the way.

IMG_9220 copy
Only pictures of my tired team cos running that time cannot take pic lol.

IMG_9227 copy
Except for like this one, cos it was part of the race.

IMG_9226 copy
Our team buddy (guy in blue) really damn nice to us !!!
Don't know why I so fated to hang out with boys but me and Joanne were the only girls in our group. We ALMOST got 3rd place but boohoo we didn't. At least we got free pizza and drinks at the end.

IMG_3517 copy
Moonlight Cinema / Hanaichi picnic with the girls that following night.

IMG_3521 copy
We watched Les Miserables and even though I never pronounce the name corectly and it was FREEZING that night, I still love that movie. Amazing time spent with the girls.

IMG_3524 copy
Really recommend couples to come here, located in Botanical Gardens, Moonlight Cinema is only available in Summer (till 31st March if not mistaken) so hurry up and bring your gf there !

IMG_9235 copy
Dragged myself up to get to the beach the next morning to surprise Joanne as her birthday was around that time.

IMG_9238 copy
19 years old already ????
Took tons of pics on the beach but they're all not with me.

IMG_9248 copy
Ended the day and the week with steamboat again but this time at Brandon's !

IMG_9252 copy
The sunburnt bunch after a day at the beach. Such good company !!

Started this week with dinner with a family friend.
IMG_9260 copy
Thought I was going to a casual dinner, mana tau she brought me to a foochow association CNY dinner. Nevertheless, amazing food and wine. I don't usually drink but the wine they served was seriously too good.

IMG_9288 copy
Lion dance in Melbourne !

IMG_9352 copy
Also sent Alnick off that night. Gonna miss this guy ! T__T

IMG_9362 copy
and then Joanne's actual birthday dinner.

IMG_9364 copy
Birthday girl Joanne trying to imitate me in pictures.
I totally do not hold my bag like that !

O week was super eventful and super super tiring. From Food Adventure to Amazing Race to the beach, my face was so sunburnt it hurt to smile but I met so many new people and bonded with so many friends, totally worth it !!!!

Now that class has officially start,  I've got to stop going out so much.

IMG_9371 copy
Coffee during break between classes. I honestly love University. It's so different from high school or Trinity but it feels so good to know I'm in Uni. All the lectures and tutorials had been good too. I don't know if this is a temporary feeling or if I'll start hating it when assignments roll in but now it feels too good !!

IMG_9144 copy
I LOVE my timetable. I'm a morning person so 8am classes are fine to me. I don't mind having no day offs either because I really hate waking up, knowing I have nothing to do the whole day. I also found a job to fill up all the free time I Have this sem !!

IMG_9358 copy
My first Calculus 2 lecture which was filled with boys. Not that thats a bad thing *grins*

Okai, thats all for my first two weeks in University. I have so much to blog about so I will find the time to blog soon. BYEEEE ! :) 

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