Brick wall collapses in Melbourne.

by - 12:19:00 PM

Just two days ago, a heritage protected brick wall along Swanston Street Melbourne collapsed due to strong winds, killing two people. One of the victims was my age, and another in her thirties. It has been reported that the guy my age sacrificed himself to save his sister, who is currently in critical condition.

Credits : The Age. 
Passerbys lending a hand to remove bricks that buried the victims.

What's so scary about this whole incident is that it occurred only about 100 metres from my apartment. Although I was safely in my apartment, I was shocked that it happened so close to the city. What scares me the most is that it could've easily been me. I pass by that wall EVERY DAY (even though I've never paid any attention to it) around the time of the incident. If I had decided to study at the school library that day or if I had Calculus 2 lecture that day, it would have been me. I feel truly grateful that I am alive and blogging about this incident. It was an accident out of nowhere, no one could've seen it coming. Nevertheless, condolences to the families who have lost a loved one. My heart goes out to the man and woman who have been victims of this tragic incident. RIP. 


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