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I've honestly wanted to blog about this for such a long time already but I kept procrastinating it because so many good things kept on happening and I want to compile ALL of them ! Here are a few major things that happened, leaving me in awe thinking "how is this possible" ???

When my family were in Tasmania, we passed by a small town called Strahan one night and decided to spend the night there. However, we found out that there was no electricity that night, thus none of the restaurants were open. At that time we were all starving and had no food, so we went around looking for open shops. We managed to get some eggs and a loaf of bread. Then we saw a few fishermen docking their fishing boats.

Out of plain curiosity we walked over and found out they just came back from sea and had a whole boat of abalones. Looking at my starving family, the fisherman generously gave us 2 abalones !

IMG_7394 copy
2 of the largest abalones I've ever seen / eaten !!!

IMG_7399 copy
We brought it back to our trailer, cooked it in the dark, and had the best meal of that holiday. God didn't fail to provide. When we got the loaf of bread for free at a closing down restaurant, we jokingly said that God will multiply and provide us fish, like in the Bible, but this is how limitless God is. I bet He's in Heaven going "You're expecting fish ? pfft, here, take some abalone" 

My food poisoning adventure. 

Spent the night in the hospital with my sister listening to Beautiful Saviour and Healer. That night as I lay on the hospital bed, I felt so at peace. I had the best sleep in days. My stomach didn't ache, I didn't felt nauseous. I just slept, went home the next day, and had bak kut teh the following day (Y)

IMG_8862 copy
Yes I  think this a blessing. All those lectures looking at my dream bag is gone because not only do I own one, I also own one in a limited colour !!!

I never intended to get one to be honest. My mum and I were in Singapore shopping for a wallet when we saw the wallet in this colour, lacca. We asked if they have a bag in lacca and they said every Prada store had only 2-3 lacca bags, and that Prada store sold out in 2 days. Slightly disappointed, we were about to leave the store, when a shop assistant placed this bag on the table. Turns out a customer who reserved it released it 2 minutes ago !!!!! This must be fate.
There was something wrong with the bag so I brought it to the Prada store in Melbourne and one of the shop assistant asked me where I bought it because apparently the store in Melb sold out in a day ! This isn't luck ok, this is a blessing hehehe.

IMG_1206 copy
I haven't seen one of these in YEARS. My house used to be filled with baby creatures but I guess everyone migrated. This was taken right before CNY. Reminding me that there is going to be a birth of new things this year. New obstacles to overcome, new challenges to face but then again, there is going to be a fresh revelation, strength and assurance from Him to face every giant standing in my way.


Lastly, this happened at the airport on my way back to Melbourne. 
AirAsia actually had a rule that states that you can have a hand carry bag and a laptop bag OR a handbag. At that time, I had ALL of them, including a handbag AND a laptop bag. Not only that, it was my first time on a plane alone so I was a little afraid that I would get lost in the terminal or get detained or killed or whatever but just after going through the customs, I see a familiar face smiling at me. A guy I met in church was surprisingly on the same flight as me !!!!!!!!! He also had only a handcarry bag so I could've passed it to him if the airasia people asked, not only that, it also means I won't get lost or killed !!!!!!!!

but God continued to show me how limitless he is. I was again worried about what would happen on the plane because my friend's seat was on the other end of the plane. What if I get nauseous and I have no one I know around me ? Or what if I really needed RM5 and got no one wanna borrow me ? Amazingly, I sat down, and two people I know from college sat right next to me. Not only do I have in flight companion, I also have a friend who helped me unload my 36kg luggage from the conveyor belt !!!!

I mean don't tell me this is a coincidence because its not !!! What are the chances that you meet your friend on the plane and they sit RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. It just doesn't make sense if its not supernatural. What are the odds that everything you're worried about is suddenly taken care of as if someone is reading your thoughts ? Truly God sent. 

Reflecting on my summer holiday back in Malaysia, God has truly blessed me throughout the holiday. Of course there are times when I complain about life, but if I were to compare, the amount of bad things that happened is incomparable the amount of blessings I have received. 

I know some things that I mentioned doesn't seem much as a blessing to other people (except for the abalone and Prada bag because most people only care about expensive things) but I really count every blessing in my life. Someone once said I always look like I'm happy over something, even during that time of the month and I really am. When things aren't going my way, I think of all the good things that happened instead. Like a few days ago I was late for work because I missed my train, even so I had an amazing time at work  and I have the best employer in the whole wide world. 

People on Twitter are always saying "#March  wish : Happiness." or "March please be good to me" and I'm thinking, hold on, why should happiness be a monthly wish ? We cannot stop bad things from happening to us, but we can choose to look at the good things instead. Life is really good, if you always count your blessings. 

“Reflect upon your present blessings -- of which every man has many -- not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.”

I hope everyone have an amazing #March !

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