A heart to give.

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So I haven't blogged in two weeks, I should be ashamed to call this a blog.
Recently life has been getting hectic. Assignments seem to be popping out like mushrooms after the rain  even though I've never really seen mushrooms appearing after the rain but you know what I mean right.

I actually have quite a lot to blog about but I've just been too lazy not forgetting tired. I'm still working on cleaning my room and picking 8am classes for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday wasn't such a good idea after all but back to my main point.

Not very long ago, I had a pretty serious conversation with someone, and even though I don't remember much about what we talked about, one phrase this person said struck me in the heart. "Everyone comes to this meeting wanting love, family, friends but what if instead of coming here wanting all that, come with the heart to give that ? When someone gives, someone receives." He probably didn't say exactly that but I'm trying to type whatever I remember and it wasn't a very pleasant conversation, I went home and cried a whole night over the conversation BUT ANYWAY, somehow I ended up hearing that sentence again, in a different environment and then it made so much sense.

Who in the world doesn't want to be blessed right ? Everyone wants financial stability, everyone wants to be surrounded by love but sometimes, what if we start showing love first ? As the saying goes "To have a friend, be a friend" I figured it applies in the same way. In my previous post titled Blessed , I truly believe God has blessed me, not just because he loves me but also because he wants me to a blessing to other unfortunate people in the world. I may not have a million fans I can influence and neither is my father Bill Gates, but in the little way I can I believe I can make a difference, and I believe it will be the same in your case and here's how you can help.

Empowrd (not a typo, apparently its a cool thing to spell with vowels now) is a movement by three creative individuals and as its name suggests, it aims to empower people to be the change in this world. "Fuelled by love. Inspired by dreams" Empowrd works on sowing love, hope and happiness in the lives of people, people who are not as fortunate as we are. Come on if you think about it, you actually have nothing much to complain about. You're on a computer, reading Peekashu.com, checking your facebook and updating your twitter / status update lamenting about how your parents don't want to give you more pocket money or having no time to study when hundreds of kids around the world are actually dying of hunger.

So how can I help ?
Empowrd with the partnership of Oxfam, is currently producing a line of digital watches to raise fuunds to help the less fortunate people in South East Asia relating to education, water, hunger and social entrepreneurship. The watches currently comes in orange, blue, black and white, each representing an area you are sowing in to. 
Blue for water. 
Orange for social entrepreneurship (I have a serious problem in spelling that lol) 
Black for education 
and white for hunger.

Watches costs $25 each,  $10 for shipping in Australia and $15 for international. All prices quoted are in AUD. Thinking about it, not only do you get a cool looking watch, a kid somewhere in South East Asia gets a hen. I think that's pretty worth it. So please do check them out at their project page and facebook . Your little contributions do go a long way. Australia to Laos is 7692km please, not long enough ? 

This blog post is really just to encourage people to give, and have a heart of generosity. People usually associate giving with money but giving is not just about the finance and ka-ching. Giving comes in many forms, giving a little a of your time to spread this message, giving a little of your resources and talents to help make this world a better place. There are times you may feel like South East Asia, or South Africa is so far away, and you can't be able to personally see what you are giving into but giving is more than that. Gather a few friends and say nice to people on the streets, hold out umbrellas for people, hold the door for a whole lecture of people even though you are late for your own lecture (I did that, but even though I didn't really get acknowledged, it really felt good) or simply telling someone their top looks nice. Not only does little things like these brightens up a random stranger's day, its also sowing into your own life. Trust me, it feels good to be nice to people.

I truly believe God blessed me to be a blessing, not only to the people around me but to the people I cannot physically reach. If you know me I'm really stingy and calculative, I like to save all my money in the bank and only spend on myself but I'm working on it. But at least I sacrificed my time to hold the door for hundreds of people lol. 

So to end this blogpost, I really believe that every one of us has the ability to make this world a better place. Don't forget to check out Empowrd and contribute !!!!!  I promise to blog soon with more entertaining topics so that all you bored people can read my blog during lectures. I know some of you people do, don't lie. Kthanksbye :) 

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