What course am I studying ?

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Oweek is almost over and I am really excited to be starting my first year in the University of Melbourne in a few days !!! So today I will be answering the most asked questions since I got accepted into Uni.

Shuwen, what course are you studying ?

Here I am to feed your curiosity. I am doing Engineering through the Bachelor of Commerce.

wtf is that ???????

Well to break it down for you, I will be doing 3 years in the Bachelor of Commerce, then further my studies for another 2 years for a Masters in Engineering. Something like a double degree.

HOW CAN ?????

Yes, can. Because Melbourne University only offers Engineering as a postgrad degree, which means if I'm not doing the Bachelor of Commerce, I will be doing the Bachelor of Science for 3 years anyway. 

Then why don't you take Commerce as a breadth instead ?

First of all, Commerce has less contact hours, and I am lazy. Secondly, what if I decide I want to work after 3 years ? I can graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce and then work in the corporate world. However with a Bachelor of Science degree, it would seem too general. Lastly, of course I would want to do the one that sounds more geng right ? No one would ask me what breadth I took in University, but if I say I have a Bachelors degree in Commerce and a Masters in Engineering, it would leave a better impression.

So you're a nerd who loves science.

Some people regard me as a nerd because I like to stay home on Friday nights but to be honest, I don't really love science. I don't hate it, but I don't love it, I just don't mind doing it.  This pathway was actually suggested by my father (who is an engineer).

So your dad forced you to take this course ?

No he didn't. He did SUGGESTED it, but I'm not doing it because its an obligation.  I mean, someone is paying for everything, I get to live off my dad and I don't mind studying so why not ? Hehehe.

Why don't you do something you love ?

I'm pretty sure if shopping is a legal profession I would be the first to apply for it but sadly it is not. Yes I love writing, but I also know people who are struggling with finances as a writer. In your life, if you have a chance to achieve something higher than you dreams, would you do it ? My dad used to say, a doctor can fry noodles at a hawker stall, but can someone who sell noodles become a doctor ? I can write, I just don't think I would need a Masters in Journalism to write.

You're not gonna do well in it if you don't love it.

Number one lie people tell themselves to get the easy way out. Like what you do, not just do what you like. If everyone in this world did only what they like, there will be nobody working because everyone would be chilling at home and staying in bed till 1pm. Over the years of studying, I realize that I love the things that I put my heart in. 

If you tell yourself everyday that you can't do maths, and you hate maths, you will eventually hate it more, you'll do bad in it, then you'll tell yourself over again "I'm bad in maths, I hate it." 
It's the same thing when I started out with gym. I HATED MOVING, but now I'm going there 4 times a week, not just because of weight loss but because I simply love it. 

Apart from that, I actually like studying. I know this sounds stupid to a lot of people because hey, who likes studying ? In my 18 years of life, my greatest achievements have always been my studies. I don't know if I'm good at it because I like it, or the other way around but whichever it is, I don't find studying stressful. You know what is stressful ? Cooking is stressful. I have to risk my fingers being cut off or burnt off to make a meal whereas all I need to study is pen, paper and my brain. 

I also love paper, and writing things on paper. Which explains why I have so many notebooks. I love writing notes thus I love reading my notes. End of revision. 

Women can't be engineers. You'll definitely regret it.

Dear sexist, I will respond to that the day I graduate.


I didn't make these questions up I swear. They were asked by real people, when I told them what I am planning to study and I can tell you, 80% of the response were discouragements. Either saying its too hard for me to handle, or that I won't have a life. Saying that I can't do well in something I don't like. You can't do well in something you tell yourself you don't like. I'm done with people telling me what is right / wrong for me. 

Anyway oweek was AMAZING FUN !! I'll be participating in a Food Adventure on Lygon St tomorrow hosted by MUOSS and then Amazing Race the day after !! I'm loving University already. Will blog about Oweek soon so stay tuned !!

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