Poppers CNY menu !

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Back in the high school days when our day were a chain of tuitions, especially the Mr Ong ones at Koh tuition centre which I think most Sitiawan kids can relate to, the only kind of bubble tea we had was made out of coloured powder in a small stall by the roadside. Despite being one of the most unhealthy and artificial beverages I've ever had, everyone still bought them to tuition because we didn't have choices like GongCha or Chatime. We still don't have them btw. 

After crawling out of my kampung and leaving for Melbourne, I tasted my first Chatime and what a delight it was when I came home for summer break to find bubble tea stores blooming across Sitiawan. One of my absolute favourite is Poppers. 

IMG_8462 copy
I am especially intrigued by their interior decorations especially when it comes to holiday seasons.

IMG_0077 copy
 The whole interior is so colourful and fun. Totes our usual hang out spot.

Well since Chinese New Year and Valentines day fall together, Poppers recently released their CNY special menu and also Valentines Day cookies !
IMG_8446 copy

This green one is made out of Lovers fruit.
I don't really know what a lovers fruit is, but it tastes a little sour, kind of like, suan gan suan mei. Really refreshing especially when you have crazy hot weather like Sitiawan.
and plus, Lovers fruit leh, what better drink to treat your girlfriend ?

IMG_8443 copy
This one is made out of passionfruit.

IMG_8445 copy
Lastly the pineapple.

Untitled-1 copy
The drinks are also overflowing with bottoms !
Pearls, popping boba, q-jelly, you name it.

For all those lovey dovey couples out there, beautiful V-day cookies are also on sale !

IMG_8452 copy
Oh please, planning to give your gf Ferrero Roche with roses ah ? SO BORING.
Give them cookies attached to a diamond ring la !
These cookies are not just gorgeous, they're really tasty too. Comes in various designs. The flowered ones at the bottom are really pretty.

IMG_8453 copy
Got one of this purple ones and my fat bro ate more than half of it.
You know how most cookies that look nice are usually dry / rock hard ? These are amazing. I've bought a few of them from the same baker two years ago and I ate them all myself, on Valentines Day. Cue forever alone meme.

IMG_8454 copy
So what are you waiting for leh ? Hurry up and go grab your CNY drink before CNY is over. Also don't forget to grab some of the cookies and send it to me. I have no date this Valentines Day so I'm free for offers. HAHA, just kidding.

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