ONE year old !

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Surprise surprise ! turns 1 year old today !

First off I cannot believe how fast time flies. I've been blogging for years, even before I had readers, just because I liked writing but it amazes me that it has been a year since I last got my domain, To be completely honest, some of the blogging mojo has worn off especially after leaving for Melbourne and having less time to think of #crap to write about.  Nevertheless, I don't think I will ever stop blogging. Maybe less, but definitely not the end.

Throughout the year, I've changed headers 3 times, and I can't believe its all in one year ! Here are the headers that has accompanied me this year.

header feb 12

The very first header when it was all supposed to look really cute. 

header resized
Then I wanted to look cool and matured.


Then I realize I don't have to be, so I'm back to cute and sweet lol.

Inevitably, the lack of time to blog also resulted in less time to read blogs / connect with other bloggers, and over the years the number of readers on this blog have evidently decreased. Oh how I remember the fun innit days when reading blogs and blogging took up a large part of my life.

Despite the decrease in readers, not forgetting a decrease in earnings, I'm glad that there are still people who still enjoy reading my blog and being updated with my #crap life in Melbourne and random rants.
A sincere THANK YOU to everyone who constantly drop by, thank you for driving this passion and love of mine that I found 6 years ago. I  honestly never thought I would be so dedicated to something and I probably wouldn't be without any of you and your support.

I would love to give every single one of you a kiss on the cheek and a hug but I don't think that is appropriate, or possible, considering they still haven't invented teleportation monitors, and I don't think any of you want that either. So all I can probably do is continue blogging, and hopefully all of you will still find me entertaining. Love you guys ! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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