January iPhoneography

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It's February already ! Less than a month left of my holiday back home. Now that I look back on it, January was really eventful. Filled with quality time spent with family and friends, not forgetting amazing food and shopping. It's a wonder how I still fit into most of my clothes lol

IMG_8070 copy
Hung out with the bros a lot this month.
IMG_8389 copy
Also plenty of FIFA sessions, involving me sitting idly in a corner.

IMG_8354 copy
School canteen sessions because the form 6 people had school. 

IMG_8154 copy
Fat girls eating sessions !

IMG_8345 copy
Funny how my closest friends are mostly boys. 

IMG_8007 copy
Quite sad that I hang out with a bunch of boys everyday and none is my boyfriend LOL.

This month I travelled alot, mainly with mum to KL, Ipoh and Singapore.
IMG_8375 copy
Mum's Ipoh home. This place is simply amazing. Like hopping from the city straight into zen mode in the mountains. 

Travelling to the cities a lot also meant shoppingggg.
IMG_8317 copy
Haul for KL / Singapore trip. The right two dresses were bought from Zalora but that will be for another blogpost. 

IMG_8214 copy
#OOTD to Johor. 

Gained like a million kgs this month. 

IMG_8014 copy
The legendary Sitiawan chicken rice that I like to talk about.
I don't really remember the restaurant name because everyone always calls it "next to Ming computer" or "near Chung Cheng" lol. 

IMG_8084 copy 
Wu Cha after badminton with the girls. 

IMG_8087 copy
Crab feast after dad brought bags of live crabs home. After Singapore's chilli crab, our fresh really feels like the freshest and also loaded with crab egg ! 

IMG_8273 copy
Mouth watering turkey leg in Universal Studios Singapore !

IMG_8113 copy
Cleaned my room and rearranged my extended barbie doll sets. My barbie dolls have more shoes than I do, no joke.

IMG_8117 copy
Also dug out all my Disneyland toys, excluding Tiger on the right. 

IMG_8039 copy
Also passed my undang test right after listening to it ! I'm halfway there to getting my car license !!

Recently I haven't been doing much because I have been helping my mum spring clean the house (lie) and also I have been to tired to do anything else except sleep an eat. Explains the double chin. 

but I'm not so tired without a reason.

IMG_8128 copy
I have been learning tennis.
Yes I will no longer be called the girl-with-tennis-court-at-home-but-doesn't-play-tennis.
Next year I'll be joining the Grand Slam. Really. Don't forget to watch me ah.

I hope everyone have an awesome month ! 19 more days till I go back to Melbourne. I'm not ready to leave this place yet ://////

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