CNY 2013

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HELLO THERE ! I am back in Melbourne and probably because of the excitement and also the spamming cousins on my whatsapp group chat, I'm not feeling too homesick.

So anyway this blogpost will be about my Chinese New Year. This year's CNY was particularly different for me. First off I didn't do much of bai nian (visiting houses) nor did my house have a CNY party. This year's CNY was filled with events, birthday dinners, wedding dinners, farewell parties etc. Also this CNY was my big bro's first CNY in 6 years !!

Chinese New Year Eve

IMG_8672 copy

The usual Fo Tiao Qiang for reunion lunch after a hectic morning in the kitchen.

Following reunion dinner by the tennis court.
IMG_1626 copy

IMG_1525 copy
All the siblings are back !

IMG_1544 copy

IMG_1556 copy
 Supah cute dad purposely made everyone say a list of Chinese idioms.
Example when you say 年年有余  my dad will say 我喜欢吃鸡肉不喜欢鱼肉 LOL

IMG_1611 copy
$$$$ face.

IMG_1680 copy
Fireworks. Love Sitiawan and also the view from my house. EVERYONE seems to be able to afford at least 2 boxes of fireworks and we were literally SURROUNDED by fireworks in the sky. Up until the 3rd or 4th day there were still fireworks all around.

IMG_8664 copy
Also we got good, or bad news whichever you prefer when we found out Gucci is pregnant !
Gucci is my female Beagle and she's pregnant with Beagle + Poodle pups. She gave birth already and I'm really hoping the pups will have short legs and curly hair. That would be too cute.


IMG_1706 copy
The typical foo chow tradition. Red wine mee sua for brunch ! 

IMG_1715 copy
Love this picture of the siblings. Everyone looks so good here !

IMG_8945 copy
Got my dress from Hi Style. Surprised to find such a good buy in Sitiawan ! 

IMG_8729 copy
#OOTD for a relatives 80th birthday. 
Dress : Korean boutique on Russell St

IMG_8856 copy
Because my relatives always stay at my place during CNY, we ran out of rooms, so the poor kids had to sleep in the living room lolol

IMG_8748 copy
Not forgetting this. 

IMG_8774 copy
Family friend's church wedding. 
Top : Hi Style 
Skirt : F21
Heels : Step. 
Almost everything on me except the skirt is from Sitiawan. I don't have to travel anywhere to shop anymore !! 

IMG_8756 copy
Ring from my niece who is selling fashion stuff online. Check her out ! 

IMG_8784 copy
#OOTN for the wedding dinner. 
Dress :
I am honestly very impressed with Zalora. There may have been complaints about them but my experience with them was just amazing. Not only did they respond to my questions immediately, my purchases also arrived in perfect condition, and in less than 3 days. Not forgetting the free shipping, I love free shipping. 


IMG_8809 copy
Cousin bro's farewell party as he's leaving for Brisbane. 

IMG_8754 copy
Played cards till wee hours of the morning. Bird nest for concentration and for luck. 

It was Valentines Day and I didn't have a date, but I did roam around the town with my bro and cousin bros, helping to prepare my cousin bro's wedding. IMG_8812 copy
This is absolutely the cutest !!!

IMG_8835 copy
While waiting for the car to be decorated. 

IMG_8821 copy
Poppers was amazing enough to give me a V-day gift !! The cookies were really delicious, I think I ate most of them lol 

IMG_8844 copy
My little niece who has the best looking parents ever. Almost looks angmoh ! 


The most hectic day yet : cousin bro's wedding.

IMG_8836 copy
I really had tons of fun, watching the brothers get tortured and  honking our cars around Sitiawan at 8am in the morning. 

IMG_8861 copy
Dress from mysister'scloset

IMG_8869 copy
Both my brothers ended up being heng dais. 

IMG_8897 copy
One of the many tests they had to pass : Wasabi + chilli. 

IMG_8880 copy
and also dance to an oppa gangnam style parody lol

IMG_8934 copy
So happy for the couple!!! 

IMG_8961 copyAt the wedding dinner with siblings and grandma. 

IMG_8982 copy

After that we went home and played cards again
IMG_8987 copy

So that almost sums up my whole CNY. If I could name the best part of my holiday back in Malaysia, it would be the time spent with my family. Even if I constantly get spam notifications on Whatsapp because they have so many things to say in the group chat, I actually find it comforting to know that I have them to talk to if I want to talk lol. 

 I've been cooped up in my apartment for a few days now because Melbourne is so freaking hot and I haven't had the chance to really talk to anyone. Which explains why I have so many things to say to my friends I meet on the streets.

Today is the last day of CNY and to celebrate Chap Goh Mei, I had steamboat with the girlies last night and 8 flavours Korean BBQ tonight !!! I'm so excited. Not just for dinner but also for uni, can't believe I'm stepping into uni !!!!!! Will update more on what I'm doing in Melbourne soon. Till then, byee ! 

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