Viral UUM video.

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This video was recently uploaded on Facebook and has gone viral among netizens. It happened in a conference at UUM where a student, Ms Bawani, who bravely took her stand and voiced out her opinions got mocked by the president of Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia - Sharifah Zohra Jabeen.

I may not be the most up to date person when it comes to politics but this video pisses me off so bad. To be honest, it made me feel upset to be Malaysian for a while.

At 2:36, Ms Bawani mentioned what other countries have been doing. Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, how all these countries put in funds into education, enough to provide free education to those who cannot afford it. She gave an example that if the government would just take 10 billion ringgit a year out of their 200 billion Federal funds, it would do so much for the Malaysian education. What reply did Miss Sharifah give to her?

"Sekiranya negara Malaysia disamakan dengan negara lain, what are you doing in Malaysia Go to Cuba, go to Argentina, go to Libya, go everywhere, because you know what ? All the students in this hall is happy with what the government does for them. You don't agree, you tell me"  5:54

What kind of bullshit answer is that ? As the PRESIDENT, of the Suara Wanita 1 Malaysia, first of all, I don't think she gave much respect to Miss Bawani. I don't think shaking a person's hand and acknowledging their guts, can cancel out how rude it is to interrupt someone while they're talking, not forgetting forcefully moving her microphone, then turning the whole hall against her. No I don't think Miss Sharifah "gave her respect as another woman" in fact she turned it around and insulted Miss Biwani by saying she "have a very least of pendidikan" as Miss Bawani did not respect someone older than her. Someone with that kind of English doesn't deserve my respect regardless of her age. As the SUARA of the women of Malayisa, all she could talk about was animal's problems. Oh of course. My speaker also got problem, if it could talk it would probably complain about how many times she said "listen"

Second of all, if everyone who has a problem with our government is asked "what are you doing in Malaysia?" and to "go everywhere" and leave the country, then what kind of democratic country is this ? Aren't we supposed to be voting for the kind of government we want ? If we do not take the example of other, more advanced countries, then okay fine just live in your own world and don't improve. I bet everyone in the hall was pretty cool with that since all the students were so "happy with what the government does for them" . Let all our human resources leave the country, since our country only needs people who are happy with the government according to Miss Sharifah.

I honestly do respect Ms Bawani, for standing up and speaking her mind, setting her apart from all the other students who just sat around and agreed with Sharifah. How much courage it took for her to stand up to Miss Sharifah is truly amazing. Would you rather be a parrot and accept every word the "authorities" put into your mind ? Or would you stand up for what you believe in, for the country you love ? Really something worth thinking about.

Meanwhile I find this extremely humorous.

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