Tasmania #1

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If you've read my earlier posts you would know that I flew to Tasmania with my family right after my Valedictory. We were joined by my auntie and also my cousin from Sydney. We travelled across Tasmania by car, from Launceston - Bicheno - Hobart - Strahan - Launceston.

IMG_2406 copy
Tasmania is ridiculously like New Zealand. 
Underpopulated, but the perfect place to embrace the nature and unwind. 

We landed at Launceston airport and had lunch at one of the rather well known tourist spots in town, Stillwater. Whether you boil the water or add salt into the water it's still gonna be water *badumtss

I should give up, that didn't even sound like a joke. 

IMG_0374 copy
Dad putting on his best homesick face.

IMG_0371 copy
Sherlyn, my cousin from Sydney got us La Duree macaroons ! I need to write a blogpost proclaiming my love for these sweet little treasures. Really. 

Our first stop from Launceston was Bicheno. The first underpopulated town we encountered in Tasmania.


IMG_0447 copy
Couldn't find a restaurant that was still open at 7+ so we had to go tapao some burgers from a convenient store and eat it near the beach.

IMG_0453 copy
Where we were swarmed on by birds. I hate birds. They're like the animals I hate the most after cats. Sorry ok bird lovers, I don't like things that swoop in on my food.

IMG_0487 copy
As underpopulated as it can be, the view is magnificent.

IMG_0492 copy
Even spotted wild penguins in between the rocks.

IMG_0485 copy
My dad certainly enjoyed it. haha ! We made him do the Gangnam style poses everywhere we go. Time to make him his very own 'Gangnam Style Diaries'

Lavender Farm 
It wasn't even blooming season so boohoo no lavenders for us.

IMG_0357 copy
Mum got pretty engrossed and started counting all the petals. Love this picture. Looks like it came out from an emo MV where the boy likes this girl who likes taking pics of lavenders.

IMG_0422 copy
There is the boy who likes the girl who likes to take pic of lavenders lol

IMG_0401 copy

IMG_0430 copy
My siblings pulling it out on each other.
Since there were no flowers, we chilled out at the cafe

IMG_0393 copy
Lavender ice cream

IMG_0396 copy
Lavender scones.
Unbelievably tasty and so worth the try. It's not colouring or flavouring you see there but actual food made out of lavender.

Wine glass bay

IMG_0441 copy
The adults approve of the mountain air.

 IMG_0544 copy
Tourist fatty.

We went on a 40 minutes mountain walk up to see wine glass bay. Apparently it's called wine glass bay not only because it's shaped as a wine glass but also because they used to kill whales on that bay and there was alot of blood spill, resembling wine.

IMG_0568 copy
How can there be a blogpost with no pictures of me. Impossible.
I gained like a million kgs.

IMG_0578 copy
#2 in dad's gangnam style diaries.

IMG_0688 copy
The wine glass bay. There are various mountain walks you can take. If you're feeling hardcore enough, there's even one that goes for a day or two.

Tasmania is famous for their seafood so how can we miss out on it.

IMG_7310 copy
Lobsters, Oysters, Mussels, Scallops.
Tasmania's seafood is really one of the best. Love it.

That's it for now.
Stay tuned for more posts on Hobart and Launceston !

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