Singapore 2013

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Headed down to Singapore few weeks ago for my cousin's ROM and I don't know what else to say except that I love Singapore. I really do, I vote Singapore second best place on earth.       Ok maybe not really, but I really like Singapore.

I loved Singapore the moment I stepped into it. One second I was at the Malaysian custom looking at fat uncles with mustaches, the next second I'm stepping into Singapore with all these fit custom officers with small waists. Really think Malaysia should have 2 year army rule too.

Here are some pictures of Singapore while I tell you more on why I love Singapore.

IMG_3157 copy
My aunt from Singapore brought us around her area and I'm amazed at how safe Singapore is ! Everyone just walks on the streets without worrying of being snatched. Not only that I'm a little ashamed to admit this but I've never sat on a public bus in Malaysia before, once only in Melbourne so I think it was pretty exciting to ride buses and LRT/MRT everywhere.

IMG_3166 copy
Also I realized Sitiawan name things differently. Usually I would call this hand-torn pan mee but they call it mi hun kuih. 

Ok to be honest the food wasn't really mind blowing. I was a little disappointed with the famous
  'Singapore Chilli Crab'
IMG_5618 copy
I was expecting something extremely mouth watering but turns out it's something you can get in Sitiawan anytime, just that we call it sweet and sour crab instead of chilli crab. Also probably because I grew up near the sea, I always had really fresh crabs. To turn me off more, the waitress at no signboard restaurant where we ate this wasn't the friendliest waitress I've seen.

Okla maybe not all Singapore food is bad. Our aunt brought us to Boon Tong Kee in Bukit Timah and I must say, I've never tasted any chicken rice that can come to the same level as the legendary one I grew up with (most people in Sitiawan would know because apparently everyone grew up with that chicken rice store)
IMG_3345 copy
The chicken is so good I can't even.

What else do I like about Singapore ? Definitely the buildings. Being a fan of tall buildings and lights, I am amazed by the architecture in Singapore.

IMG_3180 copy
Just look at it, just like Lego blocks. Too cute !!
Anyway I just really like Singapore, it's not only so advanced, it's also so cooling. Not to mention shopping, cannot even start on how much I love Orchard road.

Ok so now, pictures of the rest of my trip :
IMG_3178 copy
Cousin's ROM where me and mum were fashionably late.

Lie, we only arrived after the ceremony ended because we shopped too much.

Finally made it to Universal Studios Singapore too !!

IMG_5462 copy

IMG_3210 copy
Universal Studios with this bunch was incredible !

IMG_3228 copy
These two lovebirds so cute, USS the very next day they got married lolol.

528946_10151276955003985_1837814281_n copy

I was terrified to go on any rides, even the transformers one was scary to me.
IMG_3249 copy
and then my cousins saw this monster ride and insist we ride it so I was like
So I went on the blue one and ended up feeling so nauseous that I couldn't go on any rides for the rest of the day. Screw YOLO la.

Since I felt so sick, I walked around the park alone, just enjoying the environment.

IMG_3262 copy

IMG_5465 copy

Also got to see my favourite characters

IMG_3281 copyIMG_3285 copy

IMG_3291 copy
Found out eating cures my nausea, so I bought corndogs, ice creams, drinks etc. Also had turkey legs and they were so good ! They taste about the same as the ones in America's USS.

IMG_3268 copy

IMG_3264 copy
Looks like they had a lot of fun.

I also not bad la,
IMG_3289 copy
got proposed to by a cat.

IMG_5471 copy
Singapore was just a whole load of fun. Can't wait for the next trip to Singapore !

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