My very first hate mail.

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Today I woke up to a hate mail sitting in my email inbox. I've gotten criticism in the comments area and I've done nothing much than brush it off but this is the first time I've received an angry email from a reader regarding my previous post on my opinions of the UUM viral video.

Here is the content of the email. No names are mentioned as I respect this person's right to disagree with me, but I do want to highlight the content of his email.

use 1

My response ?
uise 2

He went on to say more things : 


Untitled-3 copy

Translation :

"This is none of your business so why do you care ??? I saw how rude the Indian was so you better watch your statement ok !!! and one more thing, you Chinese don't be RACIST ok because we Malays are not RACIST so don't teach us Malays to be RACIST because the impact is very bad for you. Remember that"

Untitled-4 copy

Translation : 

"Nowadays, all you Chinese are very racist and I am sure that you wrote the blog post because the speaker was an Islam and if you were there on that day you would know who was the one being rude right ? So your writings in your blog is plainly because an Indian who is angry with the government over free education when you don't know where you all study ?? (I don't really understand this part) She mentioned about other countries that provide free education to their students Argenitna, Cuba and all this country but you don't know whats happening inside their country.. Why don't you compare us with Singapore, US and other richer countries when their education fees are one of the highest in the world !! So next time when you want to write on your blog, you write as a human, not as a Chinese.. I'm sorry if I scolded you in my previous email but I totally disagree with your writing ok"

Untitled-5 copy

Translation :
"Because you chinese are like that (even though you're not like that) but majority of you are racist ! I don't want to talk about Bhavani the stupid Indian because I was there and I know who was wrong... One more thing I want to ask, what do you mean by a better place ?? Is Malaysia not better now ?? Everyone in Malaysia are free to find jobs, free to study, free to embrace their own religions, free to go for a holiday, is any obstacles ? When you study, is there any obstacles ? Don't tell me its all about free education .. The cost of studying in Singapore is 300% - 400% more expensive than Malaysia do you know that ... that small country !!! I advise you study hard first, show your help to this country first before you talk.. ok gurl !!"

I apologize if my translation is a little bit weird. Haven't been using Malay for a very long time. 
After these emails, I am truly lost for words. All I want to clarify a few things

I did not touch on racial issues. 

You can read my previous post a million times and I can confidently say I said nothing about race. I know full well how important harmony between races in my country is and I have no means to touch on that issue. I respect my fellow Indian and Malay Malaysians. I did not write that post because I have something against another race. Generalizing all Chinese as racist and saying I'm doing this because I'm racist is a little, offending to me. I do not apologize for writing that post because that is what I think of the conduct of that forum in UUM. I am a fellow Malaysian and I get along well with my Muslim and Indian friends. I can assure you I wasn't being racist.

Malaysia is my home and I love Malaysia.

I am a Chinese but ultimately I am a Malaysian. I can't "go back to your fucking country la bitch" because I already am in my country. We live in the same country, grew up with the same weather, same food, same kind of people, but why do you view me as an outsider ? Can I not be a citizen of the country I was born in, my parents were born in, my grandparents were born in and brought up in ? Secondly, I didn't know Chinese were all stereotyped as "communists". I always thought Chinese were called human calculators lolol. After calling me all these names, I am said to be "racist" because "nowadays you all chinese memang racist".  I am confused. I've lived in Malaysia my whole life, Malaysia is my home.

I love my country and the people of my country but I believe everyone has a right to like or dislike their government. Some people can be satisfied with everything the government does for them, but some people might not be. Nevertheless, how would you feel if someone from your own country told you to leave your country ? I know, and I accept the fact that we are a minority, I respect the views of my other fellow Malaysians and I would never mean any harm to them, all I want is Malaysia to be a better place. Better means improving. Malaysia is good, but we can do better. No matter how good you are there is always space for better. I just cannot believe a University student who is supposed to be intellectually educated would send an email to a stranger with words like "fucking" and "bitch"

Conclusively, I mean no harm to anyone, and I do not hate on any particular race / have anything against any particular race. I do not want to raise the issue of race or religion because I respect other races and religions. I wrote the blogpost as a fellow Malaysian, not as a Chinese. 

I don't know, you readers tell me. Should I now leave my country and turn into a communist ?

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