KL adventures.

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Recently I was admitted into the hospital for food poisoning but I'm fine now. Being discharged a day later I'm already munching on kompiang and eating bak kut teh. Must be all this city food creating havoc in my tummy, finally back in Sitiawan eating my kampung food.

For the past few weeks I've been spending a lot of time in KL because most of my friends and family are currently residing / studying there. Here is what I've been doing in KL.

There was a house warming party at our new place in KL, it was an amazing night with good food and good company and lots of photo bombing.

IMG_3036 copy
Portobello mushrooms !

IMG_7782 copy
Boy bonding over FIFA. 

IMG_3101 copy
Cousins doing an imitation of my sister's face.

IMG_7778 copy
Ok maybe we didn't get it all that right but... close enough.

Photobombers at their best :

IMG_3027 copy

IMG_3041 copy

IMG_3042 copy
Perfectly photo bombed that all the siblings would be in it lol.

IMG_3043 copy

IMG_3094 copy

IMG_3080 copy

IMG_7780 copy
Like this pic with sis ! We don't look very much alike (because I'm like a million kgs) but both of us only have one more visible double eyelid ! I think that's pretty cool haha !

Also spent NYE in the same place just chilling out with the cousins.
IMG_7851 copy

IMG_7852 copy

IMG_7860 copy
Instead of going out partying / drinking during NYE, everyone stayed home and we played the drawing game. I need to blog about this someday, confirm leave everyone in laughter after the game.

IMG_7828 copy
Buffet brunch at Shangri-la.

IMG_7825 copy

IMG_7830 copy
This picture is rotated wrongly but nevermind, looks artistic to me.
Tried the chili pan mee all my KL friends always say is the best and although it was good, I would say Ayer Tawar pan mee beats it, hands down.

The most recent trip to KL was just to chill with my friends.
IMG_7927 copy
Shopping at OU.

IMG_7934 copy
Before dinner at Jogoya.

IMG_7940 copy

542160_4321081865123_1940529065_n copy copy
We were honestly acting pretty jakun in Starhill. I was pretty hyped because I always liked the bell glass kind of elevator and also because the escalators were painted red and looked like red carpets so I wanted to travel on them both lol. I think it's alright, it's good to stay a little bit kampung so that you'll always have something to be fascinated about.

582391_4321081225107_1138340830_n copy copy
Picture credits to Justin. Love this picture !

IMG_7973 copy
Had a fun sleepover at Megan and Michelle's place.

and drooled over boys like these.
Ok sorry, actually just me. Joash was really looking at their determination and motivation to gain muscle etc. I was just, well drooling and fantasizing a big muscled boyfriend.

IMG_7953 copy
Joash getting a facial from Megan.

IMG_7978 copy
The morning when we were supposed to go to church and the boys were locked out of their room so they had to hammer down the door knob. We made it to church, thank God.

Then after that I got admitted into hospital and had to come back to Sitiawan.
At least now I'll have all the time I want to reconnect with my kampung.
Another trip to KL then Singapore planned soon so stay tuned ! 

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