JPJ accident, Ayer Tawar.

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Most of the people around Ayer Tawar, including my hometown Sitiawan must be shocked by the news of a major accident that happened on the streets of Ayer Tawar earlier today. In fact, my facebook newsfeed is flooded with news of this accident.

According to various sources, a JPJ van halted in front of an oil palm lorry that was suspected of overloading. The lorry had to hit the emergency brakes and crashed into 9 other cars. Witnesses were furious at what the JPJ people did, so they overturned the van and burnt it. Here is a video of what happened that I found on Facebook.

This accident happened around a school area at around noon time. Ayer Tawar also happens to be the place that connects Sitiawan to Ipoh, which means that area is usually pretty crowded. Instead of stopping the lorry properly, the JPJ van stopped suddenly in front of the lorry. Witnesses also claim that the van crossed the divider, to the opposite side of the road to block the lorry, as if they were in a Jackie Chan movie. Sources add that the accident robbed 4 lives, including 2 students and many others were injured. Of course the residents would be furious at the way things were conducted. Doesn't it just saddens you that this kind of thing is happening in our country ?

If you just think about it, why is this happening ? If you dig deep enough, the root of all this, is corruption. Bribery has been going on for years already. If you don't want your lorry to be fined for overloading, you bribe. If you don't want to be fined for the black smoke from your lorry, you bribe. If you don't want to be fined for over speeding, you bribe. And for those people who do not bribe, they face the risk of being fined a large sum of money. Nan ting yi dian, you're encouraged to bribe.Whatever you do, you have to pay, just either more or less. Saddest thing about this ? The lorry isn't even proven to be overloaded, they were just suspected.

I salute the people who overturned the car. Such a barbaric act from the JPJ people who are supposed to be in power and ensuring the law is carried out does not require any respect. My heart goes out to the families who have lost a loved one. How many more innocent lives must we sacrifice for this corruption and irresponsibility ?

Update : There was a mistake with the information, no one died but many were injured. 

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