Hobart, Tasmania.

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Taking a break from Malaysian politics related posts

Hobart being the state capital and most populous city of Tasmania, Australia, would be my second favorite place in Australia. The first being Brisbane  because I like half naked boys on the beach more. Nevertheless, Hobart is really an amazing city and I would love to go back there again.

IMG_0796 copy

Hobart is right by the sea and the waterfront is gorgeous. The dream would be to own a luxury yacht here, imagine all the things I can do with it ! To be honest, there is not much you can do in Hobart except relax. Here are some things we did while we were in Hobart. 

Places to go

Mount Wellington
IMG_9234 copy

Up in Mount Wellington, you get to see the view of the whole city.

IMG_9219 copy
Super Jurassic park can !

IMG_2535 copy
Fooled around up there because it was really cooling

IMG_2546 copy
Hobart appa style.

IMG_2555 copy
Lamercorn and the 3D lame.

IMG_2435 copy
On the cruise to Mona , an interesting museum of old and new art.
Didn't regret a single bit to pay for this because it really did opened my eyes to very different things. 

IMG_2456 copy
One of my favourite pieces was the, I forgot it's name but lets called it the water spurting words 
You only have a split second to see the words that the water forms before gravity messes it all up. Just like us, everyone wants to adapt to society, but everytime we're done adapting, society changes again. We only have such a split second to know what we are really doing.

IMG_2457 copy
Forgot this name too but I call it silent aboriginal cos it represented the aboriginals who had mouths but are restricted from talking. 

IMG_2461 copy
The Blank Library
"The perfect piece of knowledge remains undiscovered, the perfect book unreadable"

Ok end of my nerd talk and on to food.
You can never go wrong with seafood in Hobart.
IMG_0788 copy

Apart from seafood, we had the famous Jackman & McRoss pies !

IMG_2470 copy

IMG_2476 copy

IMG_2475 copy

We tried all their pies and I can't even decide which one I like because all of them are so good. My tummy is churning now at the thought of it. 

IMG_9183 copy
Dad chilling around the city center. Shoppers would enjoy this place not just because do they have all the usual stores including Myers, but because the environment was really nice. Open aired and all.

and the number thing to do in Hobart : 
Visit the Salamanca market
It is opened every Saturday morning. 

IMG_2605 copy

IMG_2569 copy
They really do sell everything from handbags to second hand books

IMG_2587 copy
to fresh bread

IMG_2574 copy
and  dream catchers

IMG_2613 copy
From French donuts to spices from the Middle East. 
There were soooo many food samples to try ! 

IMG_2633 copy
There were also a lot of street entertainers who evidently from the pic above are very entertaining.

IMG_2607 copy
Because it was sunny so we had so many bottles of ginger beer ! Also tried my first ginger CHILLI beer, which I didn't really like at first, but the taste kind of grew on me. Worth a try ! 

IMG_2598 copy
Bumped into my fellow Albert House mate. The world is so small I can't even.


Leaving for KL the Singapore tomorrow, update soon ! Ciao :)

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