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It's 2013 already can you believe it ? Well it still hasn't really settled in that we're in a new year now and I'm going to University already. Has it really been a year since I took SPM ?

This year we didn't do any fancy countdowns or joined anyone in their traffic jams. My extended family ushered in the new year at our new place in KL and I couldn't ask for a better NYE celebration.
This year, I will be turning 19 this year and I always felt like 19 is a weird number. I mean first of all it's a prime number and second of all, it has no title, like lucky 7 or sweet 16. It's just awkward 19. No matter what age I'm turning, I wanted to start 2013 off looking fresh and high spirited.

IMG_7767 copy
So I got bangs.
When I was carolling during Christmas, I didn't actually feel the age gap even when all the people I mingled with were below the age of 16. You may say that I'm still childish and probably has the same mental age as them but I unabashedly declare that that makes me quite cute. 

IMG_7763 copy
Hair by Miko, Pavilion. The hairstylist was warning me again and again that this hair isn't for me but well, I kind of like it actually. 

Ok what, I think I look quite refreshing, ready for University *cough I mean form 4.
This is also my new profile pic so you can go like now.

Now on to my new year resolutions.

#1 Get a boyfriend
I know I've said this on Facebook before but I just want to clarify that this has not been on my new year resolution list for 3 years. What, some people think I'm making this #1 because I can't find a boyfriend. In contrast, for the past few years I've been making resolutions to NOT get a boyfriend.

Previously as much as I got involved with a person, I didn't want a relationship. This time I'm listing this down because I think I can do fine with one, not because I'm in desperate need of a bf. I don't HAVE to find one, I'm just saying I'm open for one. 

IMG_7654 copy

To be honest also I think I mix with guys too much that I'm so deep in the brozone and I can't get out. I admit, recently I was stoked to be in contact again with this person I fancy very much but was then reminded by someone that the only reason we're talking is because I'm in the bro zone. Sigh okayguy.jpg

#2 Learn how to cook

If you think this would be something like 'lose weight' I'm so sorry to disappoint you. I make resolutions to lose weight EVERY DAY and it never works.
I actually do need to learn how to cook, so that I can eat out less, so that I can indirectly lose weight. Genius or not this resolution ????
All jokes aside, I'm actually a little worried because fatty told me to list 5 things I could cook, and here is my list

  • hard boiled egg
  • soft boiled egg
  • fried egg
  • egg with onion
  • egg with cheese
If I break this resolution, I'll also break #1 too. Unless I date someone doing culinary arts.....

#3 Get a job

According to my wise sister, getting a job is the best way to grow up and yes I do agree, at the same time I don't want to use my father's money to pay for gym. I'm also in need for some extra money to support my shopping desires heh heh.

#4 Bring Peekashu to newer heights

Being in Melbourne really opens up so many doors of opportunities. Hopefully this year I get to attend events and blogger meet ups. Also get a new header, new layout. We'll see how. 

#5 Grow up 

Emotionally, spiritually, hopefully physically (vertical, not horzontal).
I feel like a kid compared to my older siblings because they seem so matured, so wise, whereas my mind is too occupied thinking of lame jokes and all I'm interested in is really whether Kim K really got pregnant or not. To be honest, I've never really worried about my studies because I usually get the results that I want, but that doesn't make me want to be a successful engineer / entrepreneur / business woman. I don't even think of  being in the corporate world with successful people like Bill Gates or whatever and be extremely rich anymore because why do I want that for ?

Which, I don't know if its a bad thing. Is it just that I'm a different kind of person with different kind of interests ? Or am I just being too naive and immature? 
Whatever it is, I do need to grow up in some areas. 

And that, is the end of all my new year resolutions. I hope everyone keeps their new year resolutions and have a mind blowing year ! All the best to everyone starting school soon. Don't worry, in a blink of an eye, it'll be CNY already. :)) 

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