Wesley Sitiawan Youth Camp.

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To be honest, I was kind of disappointed with myself throughout this camp. First of all, I fell into the kind of situation I told myself I won't fall into again after what happened half a year ago. Second of all, I felt like there were so many times when God's hands were just wide open for me, and I didn't step into it.

Nevertheless it wasn't like I didn't learn anything or gained anything from camp, just wasn't as much as I hoped, but oh well, there's gonna be a next time. This time home, I'm determined not to backslide. No more letting emotions govern my actions, no more forgetting how good He has been in my life.

Enough of serious talk. Here are some of my favourite pictures from my camera.

IMG_2841 copy
Group 10 : Australia
Huge thank you for the game masters for planning an amazing telematch. I used to have such serious telematch phobia that I would do ANYTHING to get out of it. I also had PJ lesson phobia. I didn't have any PJ pants throughout primary school. No joke.
This time however, I didn't really care about face / image anymore. Who cares if my hair gets in my face or dirt gets on my knees ? I'm still pretty cool regardless.

IMG_2847 copy
and I don't think I'm the only person who felt that way. Look at the Aussie boys grabbing their prizes seriously. 

IMG_2857 copy
Our leader Yuan Ming ! 
Funny how just a few hours ago his mum wanted to re-introduce me to him cos she said I'm single and I need a handsome (no need to be rich) boyfriend LOL.

IMG_2888 copy
Dragged my brother along. Always putting on a straight face no matter what he's feeling.

IMG_2872 copy
Joash. I like this picture, it makes my arms look smaller.
Ok no it doesn't. Okayguy.jpg

IMG_2846 copy
This year too I met so many new kids and reconnected with so many ! This is Zhi Qian, she's the cutest honestly.

IMG_2922 copy
Doing lala 1 2 3 poses

and finally
IMG_2904 copy
Missed these people ! This picture is missing too many people.
We honestly need a picture with all the 94' soon. ASAP.

Ok that's all.
Have a blessed Christmas !

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