Trinity Valedictory.

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I haven't been the most efficient blogger for the past month but life has been hectic and I have so much to blog about. Here is what happened up till today.
After my final Trinity paper, I had Valedictory that very afternoon. The very next day I flew off to Tasmania with my family for a week and back home to Sitiawan for one day. A day later I rushed off to Cameron Highlands for church camp till this evening. Eventful or what ?

Valedictory was right after my Physics paper which I screwed up badly

IMG_2330 copy
So blessed to have my family watch me graduate, even though it's just college. 
It was a whole day of picture taking and I just realized how round my face was. Not that anyone back home has forgotten to point that out the moment they see me. 

Trinity year has been a huge year for me. I grew so much, learnt so much. Compared to what I was at the start of the year, I can truly say that I'm bolder, wiser and well.... bigger.
I couldn't have gotten through this year without God, or the amazing people I've met from Trinity. 

Hello to my amazing housemates. Bad picture of me but whatever.
Some of them will be leaving Melbourne for good and I regret not being able to say a proper goodbye to them. Nearly cried when I heard a voice message on my phone by one of them :')

IMG_2343 copy
Ash here is going to Brisbane next year. She is just one of the people who are so easy to get along with, always hysterically laughing at something but never at my jokes cos she finds it too lame :(

IMG_2356 copy
Aaron here is returning to Singapore for NS.
Sucks to not be seeing the Singaporean boys for 2 years.

IMG_2360 copy
V will probably still be in Melbourne but I can't help to miss Thursday morning V-workouts with him. Because he has extremely long legs and walks extremely fast, catching up at his speed as we walk to school together on Thursday mornings became a workout routine.

IMG_2367 copy
My Korean BBQ girls. Don't know how they put up with my attitude sometimes but I'm so thankful for them ! Zi Yan in the middle is going to Sydney T____T No more Korean BBQ / rice wine sessions with these girls.

Not forgetting the amazing lecturers
IMG_2332 copy
Jack the drama teacher.

IMG_2376 copy
Sasha the Maths 2 lecturer.

IMG_2381 copy
and lastly my favourite HOI teacher who is ALWAYS smiling. Even when he asks you a question and you answer some totally unrelated crap, he will find something right in your answer.

So cute can both my HOI and Maths2 lecturer thinks it would be a good idea to bend down while taking pictures with me. More valedictory pics on facebook soon !

There was something else that happened recently that is worth sharing.

I'm actually planning to take science breadth while I do commerce and continue with Masters in Engineering after that so you cannot imagine my joy when I got my results. I thought I would've failed my Physics but surprisingly I did not. Cannot thank God enough for being with me and giving me the peace all throughout this exam. None of this would have happened without Him.

Blogposts coming up : Tasmania trip, church camp and lastly Christmas !!!

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