Roadtrip with the urbies !

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Few days before my final Physics exam in college, I went on a roadtrip with some people from my Urban Life (church cell group). We didn't go very far, just places near to Melbourne.

IMG_0041 copy
Driver KZ and navigator Dave ! 

IMG_0046 copy

First stop was Olinda where we stopped for lunch at Pie in the Sky
IMG_0053 copy
Best pies ever. Hands down.

IMG_0054 copy
Not forgetting the BEST scones and homemade jam. Practically licked the bowl clean.

Next we went to the Giant's chair on Mt Dandenong.

IMG_0062 copy
Makes us look so tiny !

Didn't know where else to go so we stopped at Moonlight Sanctuary
IMG_0088 copy
It's a little park that's just like a mini zoo where you get to feed animals and stuff.
If you love animals, I would highly recommend this place because all the kangaroos roam freely around the area and they're all so cute !

IMG_0146 copy
Saw a huge one near the entrance and then it occured to me that they actually look like huge rats but can jump. That, is kind of gross.

IMG_0104 copy
Whatchu lookin at ?

IMG_0116 copy
Award for being lazy, the koala.

IMG_0129 copy
Duck rice.
Hate this animal man, so kacau. Kept on chasing away the kangaroos so that we would only feed it.

IMG_0192 copy
Mr popular KZ

IMG_0194 copy
but I also not bad.

IMG_0213 copy
but winner is Joanna cos all the kangaroos wanna climb onto her.

IMG_0191 copy
Award to me for being able to balance my bag, feed a kangaroo and selca with a DSLR ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Winner of multitasking.

IMG_0170 copy
Plenty of closeups on kangaroos ! So cute !!!

IMG_0240 copy
Joanna die die also want to pet the kangaroo, even when it was raining.

IMG_0269 copy
They laughed at me when I said hello to a bird, but got the shock of their lives when it actually said hello back. Dave was missing in action the whole time.

IMG_0239 copy
The man who doesn't like all animals with saliva.
Left the park as it was about to close at about 5pm.

IMG_0286 copy
Went up to Arthur's Seat. We actually drove all the way to the top of the mountain and realized that the view was blocked by trees. This picture was taken midway up. Love the rays shining on only one spot of the sea.

Dropped by a beach in Dromana because we saw the colourful beach houses !
IMG_0330 copy
KZ, Dave, Joanna

IMG_0325 copy
Best UL leader ever.

IMG_0322 copy
Dave the navigator !

IMG_0313 copy
KZ looking boss. Or is it boss looking KZ.

IMG_0318 copy
and lastly a pic of me being sand-photo bombed by the boys.

It was great fellowship with the Urbies. Probs also the last time with KZ but I'm so glad I opted to go for this roadtrip and not stay at home to study for my finals. Amazing to have known such amazing people in Christ throughout this year. Love my urbs !! 

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