Shuwen's guide to effective studying.

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Many people have been telling me how they wish they can be me, don't need to study can get good results, still go out and play even when finals is in a week's time but I honestly don't know what they're saying because as lazy as I can be, I DO STUDY
Here is a blog post to explain why I seem so free everyday.

Shuwen's guide to effective studying.

#1 Don't bullshit about having no time. 

Your time is in your own hands ok. If you choose to be lazy for 10 months of the year and want to squeeze everything into your brain in 2 weeks, then congratulations stress will find you.

#2 Do everything else you usually do.

People are always giving excuses like exam is in 2 weeks time so they can't go out, can't go to the gym, can't go out for dinner, can't watch a movie, can't do anything because they need to study. That's just ridiculous.

If you stay at home for the whole day, would you be studying for the whole day ? The answer is most likely NO because everyone is human and humans get tired / distracted. If you actually DID study for the whole day, you will probably be stressed and mentally exhausted at the end of the day. Tell me then how much can you remember what you've studied ?
Would you rather have a WHOLE DAY of stressful study time with little focus or 2-3 HOURS of effective full on focus studying ? I would pick the latter any time. Your brain still needs time to relax. Take a chill pill.


Burning the midnight oil is probably what most students like to do right before exams but research shows the best time to study is in the morning. Drinking coffee can only keep you awake, not help you study. Why not sleep before 12 and get up earlier to study ?

A pattern I've observed is students like to sleep at 1 or 2AM, then wake up at 5.30AM to study before an exam. For worse cases, they don't sleep at all before an exam. Sleep is extremely vital to keep you focused. With only 3 hours of sleep how do you expect your brain to function optimally ?

So these are my secrets to why I am hardly stressed out over exams. 
Just because you don't see the effort I've put into my studies does not mean I did not put in any. Yes I still go to the gym like normal, I still go to parties and go out and play before exams but I don't see why EXAMS should stop me from doing the things I normally do.

To all the Trinity Students,
All the best ! 

Hopefully everyone can get into their desired Universities. 

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