Rude waiter.

by - 3:16:00 PM

Have you ever been in a restaurant with bad service ? I believe everyone has had their share of lousy waiters who doesn't put on a smile when they serve, knock over drinks or gets your order wrong.

Today however, I met the worst service I've met in the 18 years of my life and I'm not saying this because I don't like the restaurant, in fact I love that restaurant. At least I used to.
Don't want to write the name of the restaurant here but it's a BBQ house where they sell char siew / roast duck near the QV building.

So today I went to this restaurant to take away some roast duck. I went to withdraw money before I went to the restaurant but found out later at the restaurant that the price of it was more than the money I withdrew. They didn't accept cards so I told them my friend is on the way with some extra cash.

To my amazement, my absolute amazement, the waiter who didn't look very happy from the beginning turned around to all his other colleagues and said aloud (at least loud enough for me to hear every word) in Cantonese, assuming I can't understand him, something along the lines

"No money buy what buy" 

I don't understand much Cantonese but I understood every single word he said. I was dumbfounded not just because this is the first time I've been badmouthed right in front of my face but also BY A STRANGER WHO IS SUPPOSED TO TREAT ME AS A CUSTOMER.

Not only did he piss me off, but left me feeling extremely unwanted and uncomfortable in his restaurant until my friend arrived. He made me feel like a BEGGAR, in his restaurant. The most unbelievable part is that he didn't seem like a normal waiter, he looked like the boss / manager because he wasn't in uniform, wearing a really nice working shirt paired with an expensive looking LV belt.

A very good example of how people think having money is everything. Can't believe they're treating their customers with that sort of attitude. There are WAY MORE better char siew restaurants in Melbourne. Good enough reason for me to never visit that restaurant anymore.

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