November iPhoneography

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One more month till Christmas, then 2013, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ?
I honestly cannot believe how fast time flies. will soon be 1 year old.
I apologize for being so wordy in the last few posts, so here is a post dedicated to pictures and pictures only ! It's the November iPhoneography post !

Honestly it's so easy to forget how lucky I am to own an iPhone (or any other smartphone) and am able to snap pictures every where I go while some people are starving to death on the other side of the world. ANYWAY..............

IMG_6652 copy
November pizza party with the Urban Life (Church cell group) ! 
Everyone got to personalise their own pizza and mine looks kind of gross.. 

IMG_6658 copy
but here is a picture of someone else's ingredient filled pizza. 

IMG_6819 copy
Travelled to Chapel St alone ! So amazed by how I resisted the urge to shop. 
Just kidding, I didn't resist anything, I was forced not to shop because I have no money. 

IMG_6837 copy
but okla, I did buy this skirt from a friend but that shouldn't be considered shopping cos it wasn't expensive and I didn't get it from a shop. HA HA. 

IMG_6622 copy
Cupcake Central catch up with my amazing UL leader who is now back in Singapore :'( 

IMG_6601 copy
The Geisha at TwentyAndSix with Joan after our very last maths tutorial together.

IMG_6793 copy
Drama exam !

378430_10151175342693250_1026311220_n copy
Not exactly from my iPhone but since I mentioned drama exam might as well....

IMG_6808 copy
Random conversations with the Sitiawan bros.

IMG_6617 copy
More conversation on Jae revealing his sins. Tsk tsk tsk.

IMG_6855 copy
Surprised the sister on her birthday !

IMG_6876 copy
Surprised her again with a garden party two days later !

IMG_6879 copy
13 years ago /  now. Love this picture !

IMG_6886 copy
Honoured to be able to taste Ladurée macaroons.
Ladurée is the "best known makers of macaroons in the world" quote Wikipedia and you don't know how many millions of Ladurée macaroon pictures I've saved on WeHeartIt. Can count as dream come true ok.

IMG_6713 copy
And here is well, a picture of a lot of pictures of me.

IMG_6772 copy
and here is another picture of me.

Kidding. Don't even know who she is, I think one of the Sitiawan bros sent it in the Whatsapp group but close enough picture of me. HAHA.

IMG_6907 copy
Frozen yoghurt delivery with sis ! Yogourtddiction is so good, check them out !

IMG_6915 copy
Got a sneak peak of mum's newly renovated 'holiday' home too.
Absolutely cannot wait to go back to Malaysia and see the real thing !!!

IMG_6942 copy
Then there was exams. LOL at YinLing and her upside down maths book.

IMG_6952 copy
Window shopping right after HOI paper with Joan.
Got this skirt from my friend too. (Not counted as shopping either)

IMG_6959 copy
In the midst of exam period

IMG_6964 copy
Koko Black after window shopping. :D

Then there was
IMG_6982 copy
The last Urban Life of the year where everyone went crazy over Phewtick ! Last UL with Wynn too because she's going back to Singapore for good T__________T

IMG_6989 copy
Early Christmas celebration ! Got a Mediterranean cookbook as a gift which I think is a message from God that cooking instant noodles cannot be considered a culinary skill.

IMG_7027 copy
Early Christmas / farewell dinner at Albert House too !
So much excitement during gift giving. Tbh, it kind of had the feeling like we were all excited orphans at an orphanage getting gifts. Shut up Shuwen that wasn't a pleasant description.

IMG_7032 copy
Which kid doesn't want a puppy for Christmas right right right ?

IMG_7014 copy
Random cupcake. Love ittttt.

Went around delivering cupcakes to my pretty girls too as an exam blessing / early Christmas present! Love Joan for this amazing slim picture of me. Cannot love her enough !!!

'IMG_7010 copy
and lastly,  Hardware Societe catchup with Nic before she goes back to Singapore.

I know I know, yesterday I blogged about gym and now I show you all these pictures of food. I want to go down to the garden, get a leaf, and turn over a new leaf but my parents and fatty are coming over next weekend and hello, it should be common sense that I would be eating much more since I won't be the one paying. HAHAHA I'm just kidding. I am genuinely very excited to see my family again and show my fatty bro around Melbourne and eat tons of good food with him. Can't wait, miss them so much !!

I have two more papers left and my last paper ends on Valedictory day it self.
Which is a good thing and a bad thing. Sucks to have exams even on the very very last official day of college but good because my exam timetable is really chill. Which explains all these pictures. Ok I should go study nevertheless. Bye !

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