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Every time I tell people I go to church every Sunday, they give me the look.
Everyone thinks church is for boring and conservative people who has nothing better to do on a Sunday morning but oh boy are they wrong.
Religion might be boring, but being in a relationship with God isn't.

Church is never boring to me, in fact it's so good to be able to charge myself up on the first day of every week before I face the weekdays again.
People tend to look at me in a weird way when I tell them I listen to Christian music too because they picture organs and harps in the background with the chorale singing hymns with their high pitched voices in their white robes. I admit that was how I used to picture church but no we do not do that.

To give you a glimpse, Planetshakers released a new MV today

If this video just made you thinking about what church is actually like, PlanetUni Central is on this FRIDAY NIGHT !!!!! It's technically a church event by PlanetUni. There will be games, food etc and it will be fun !

So do drop by 
Dallas Brooks Centre 
7.30pm on 8/11/2012 ! 
See you there ;)

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