Last week of Trinity.

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It felt like just yesterday I was reluctantly packing for Australia. Felt like no time has passed since SPM yet felt like a lot of time has passed. In a blink of an eye, it's already the last week of my Trinity year. Thinking about it, this year is such a good year. Bring me to tears to think that I'll never have a year like this ever again.

Picture day at the Bulpadock.

This year I've made so many new friends and met so many new people from different nationalities.

Indonesian. OChan the amazing singer nominated for the talent award during PlanetUni Central !

IMG_2151 copy

IMG_2147 copy
Taiwanese girls. 

IMG_2152 copy
Even met Fion the blogger who found me through google !
This world is unbelievable small for its size. 

IMG_2139 copy
Made such valuable friendships that I just know will accompany me for many more years. 

IMG_2137 copy
but kept old ones too. Holla to my sister from Sitiawan ! 
This year I was greatly affected when people said/teased we should date each other cos we're so close and we're from the same hometown, making me want to distance myself from Chee but then I realized just how stupid that is because HEY, aren't I ALWAYS cute regardless of who I am with? HEH.
and please, this guy isn't even available.

EAP 3X. 
I still remember Term 1 when I actually disliked this class because of its workload and the presentations we had to do (I'm a shy person can't you see) and honestly I was so intimidated. 

557684_10151113950416053_1100868210_n copy
but I overcame that, gained new confidence and got rid of this intimidation. 
Cannot believe there will be no more EAP classes :'( 

The best mentor cum EAP teacher ever. 

IMG_2132 copy
Literature tutor :) 

IMG_6603 copy
Physics tutor. Before this picture he actually said 
"are you sure your camera can handle me?"
and it was the first time I heard the whole class laugh at his joke lol 

IMG_2136 copy
Dean and Chaplain. 
Remember the times when we said our Dean looks like Prince Charming.
I hope none of the Trinity staff ever finds my blog. 

IMG_6600 copy
BEST, maths tutor ever. 
I wouldn't love maths as much as I do right now without him. So passionate about teaching and always encouraging us to think for ourselves. I doubt I'll find any more teachers like him.

IMG_6581 copy
and finally my drama group :') 
Working with each other for the whole year was such an amazing experience for me and I cannot believe drama exam this Thursday will be the last time we'll work together !

Two more days of Trinity classes and it will all be over. 
I'm being extremely emotional over this because oh goodness, no more bad maths jokes from Sasha, EVER? Too sad I can't even
Drama exam this week, good luck to everyone ! 

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