Last Physics lab.

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I was down with fever for the whole afternoon and I feel extremely unproductive so here is a blogpost to un-guilt me.

Yesterday my Physics class had its last lab. I've always hated lab in high school. I remember the days I would play truant every time there was lab. This year, lab was surprisingly bearable. Well I guess it's only bearable because we are forced to do it.

This year of course I couldn't play truant because that would mean I won't get marks, my lab partner would be stranded and I'll probably not get into Melbourne Uni but obviously there are other means of getting over this horrible class apart from playing truant hehehe.

For the first two terms, me and my lab partner will always be the first ones to walk out of class.

IMG_4499 - Copy copy
Just look at this logic gate thingy, are we really expected to connect this ?? 
Well of course we only needed to hand in reports, and Google always has reports. Don't know how happy I am that our school gave us iPads to study with hehehehe.

School also changed all the slow Dell desktops to Macs ! 

IMG_6469 copy
12 experiments this year and I believe I've used the grey thing behind a million times, but I honestly do not even know what it is called.

IMG_6475 copy
My lab partner Kovic. I'm honestly amazed at ourselves for getting over 12 experiments without understanding a single thing. Too genius. No wonder we get so many B's for our reports lol.

Lab wasn't all that torturing, at times it was fun to fool around.

IMG_5712 copy
The light-scope-whatever thingy.

IMG_5715 copy

IMG_5711 copy
Don't understand or remember a thing I learnt from this experiment but I do recall it was pretty fun.

Through lab I did meet some new people and because every two people does a different experiment every week, some of these people were nice enough to lend us their reports if they have done it previously hehe.

IMG_6477 copy
Although I'm extremely relieved lab for this year is over, I'm definitely gonna miss these people !

Ok now I feel a bit more productive.
Will be blogging about my October Haul so stay tuned ! :))

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